This week was Missions Night. The clubbers were asked to dress “international” – and boy did they! We had so many countries represented: Egypt, Uganda, Haiti, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, China and, of course, the USA! 

We did a few things to honor missions this week. First of all, several of our clubbers brought in their Christmas gifts for the kids in Tijuana, Mexico. Our bin was overflowing! It’s so warming to think about how excited those kids will be to receive these gifts at Christmas – these may be some of the only presents that they get?! For those that didn’t bring gifts this week but did take home a card, you can still bring the gifts either Sunday at church or next Wednesday to AWANA. Let’s have our bin overflow once again!

During Counsel Time, the clubbers got to hear from some very special guests. Five of our Canyon Springs Oasis kids came to talk about the mission trips that they’ve been on in recent years. And they’ve been all over the world! Ashlyn Waynick talked about going to Uganda; Kyle Bozykowski went to Belize this summer; Riley DeSaegher went to Haiti at Christmas; and Jack Ippolito and Kailani Williams went to Mexico after VBS this summer. Each of our guests introduced themselves and shared a little bit about where they went. Then the clubbers (and leaders) got to ask them questions about their mission trips. It was so interesting! The clubbers learned about missionaries and what happens on mission trips. First, they learned that missionaries can be any age; a missionary is simply someone that tells others about God – and that can be on the other side of the world or right across the street! Also, they learned that many times the people in these other countries don’t speak English; nevertheless, our friends shared that they are still able to form friendships and bonds just by helping them, loving them and spending time with them. The clubbers discovered that the accommodations on mission trips are not always ideal – the beds aren’t super comfortable, the food is not always great and sometimes it’s really hot! Despite all that, our guests shared that they would still choose to go again and that they want to go on more mission trips. Why? Because of the friendships that they develop and the people they meet – and that there is so much joy in serving and helping others. They also said it’s very impactful at how joyful and content the people are even though they are very poor and have almost nothing. It was really special to hear these young people share about their experiences and to see them connect with our clubbers.

Congrats to the BLUE team for being the color team winner this week!

THIS SUNDAY IS UNIFORM SUNDAY! Have your child wear their uniform to church on Sunday and then – Parents! – be sure to sign their Sunday School record in the front of their handbook so they can get a prize next Wednesday.


Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team