Bundled up in scarves, mittens, hats and boots, our clubbers braved the cold to experience the winter wonderland at AWANA last night! (Let’s be honest – we live in San Diego – we just cranked up the A/C!). :)

We started the night with our Hikers (Kinder/1st graders) working through their handbooks at table time. Boy, were there a lot of kids in that awards room getting jewels and patches and finishing their books; it’s awesome! At the same time, the Climbers (2nd/3rd graders) were outside playing games – having “snowball” fights and relays.

During Counsel Time, we continued our emoji series by talking this week about… SADNESS.

Ms. Betsy pointed out that it’s okay to be sad and that it’s a God-given emotion. She had the clubbers open their Bibles to John 11, which tells a story of when Jesus was sad during his time on earth. Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, was very sick; his sisters, Mary and Martha (also close friends with Jesus) summoned Jesus to come and help Lazarus. Jesus didn’t come right away and Lazarus died. When Jesus did make it there, Mary and Martha expressed their frustration with Jesus that he didn’t come to help Lazarus when he was sick. Jesus explained to them that there was a reason for that and then he also showed that he was sad about his friend’s death. John 11:35 (the shortest verse in the Bible) says, “Jesus wept.” Jesus went to the tomb where Lazarus was buried and called for him to come out. Lazarus emerged from the tomb – alive! Jesus turned their sadness into joy.

This story teaches us that Jesus experienced the same types of emotions that we do; we have a Savior who understands what we’re feeling and why. Ms. Betsy shared that it’s important to express why we’re feeling sad and share that with someone. Even more important is to share it with God. God knows better than we do why we’re sad and how to comfort us. Like we learned last week, no matter how sad we are, we can be joyful knowing that we will one day be in heaven with him!

We did the AWANA song to finish off our Counsel Time and then the clubbers went to their other rotation.

During closing, we did the John 3:16 song to round out our lesson – since that verse expresses the basis for our joy and our faith!

Congrats to the RED team for being the color team winner!

Don’t forget to have your clubber wear their uniform to church this Sunday! If they do – AND you sign their handbook – they’ll get a small prize at club next week.

NEXT WEEK IS BARF NIGHT (Bring a  Real Friend)! Start inviting now! Your clubbers get extra points for their team AND the chance to introduce someone to the love and truth of God. :)

Have a great weekend – see you next Wednesday!

The AWANA Team