It was Table Night last night; each table group decided last week how they wanted to dress. We had clubbers dressed in black & white, all pink, crazy hats, crazy hair and lots of pajamas!

Our emoji for the week was….



Angry! We pointed out that almost all the emoji faces are yellow, but this one – and most of the ones that reflect strong emotions – are a different color. While some people think that anger is a bad emotion, we discussed that anger was created by God, just like all the other emotions. But like all our emotions, there is a time and place to be angry – and an appropriate way to handle our anger. Our Bible story was from the book of John, chapter 2 when Jesus entered the Temple in Jerusalem to find merchants selling animals and others bartering and trading. This outraged Jesus because they were using the Temple for their own benefit and turning it into a “store” rather than allowing it to be used for worship and prayer as it was intended. Jesus wants us, too, to get upset when we see injustice happening -like someone being mistreated or oppressed – and use our anger to make it right. Also, when we get upset about something that happens to us, we need deal with that appropriately (take a walk, go to our room, communicate calmly) rather than stomp our feet, yell or throw a tantrum.

Congrats to the RED team for being our color winners this week!

Next week is CRAZY SOCK NIGHT!

Please be working diligently with your clubbers during the week to practice their verses so that they have the opportunity to finish their books this year. Awards Night is on March 22nd!

Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team