Love was definitely “in the air” on Wednesday night at AWANA! The Cove was decked out in red, pink and hearts – and the clubbers were too! This went along with our emoji for the week…

Believe it or not, we are half way through the session! There are quite a few clubbers that are close to finishing their books, so these next few weeks will be very important for memorizing/saying their verses to their leaders so they can get their book completion awards at the end of the year (By the way, Awards Night is on March 22nd – mark your calendars now!). I’ll be sending out emails this week to let some of you know exactly how many more jewels your clubber has so you can be working with them.

During Counsel Time, we talked about what it means to “love your neighbor.” Jesus says in the Bible that this is one of the most important commandments, so what does that mean and who is our neighbor? Jesus told a story in Luke chapter 10 to explain this. He told of a Jewish man that was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho and was attacked by robbers. He was left helpless on the side of the road. A priest walked by, but ignored him and didn’t help him at all. Then a temple worker came, but he didn’t help either; he just passed by on the opposite side of the road. Then a Samaritan man approached. Even though Jews and Samaritans typically did not like each other – or associate at all – the Samaritan stopped and took care of the Jewish man. He treated his wounds, put him on his donkey and took him to an inn where he gave the innkeeper money to do everything necessary to take care of the man.

Jesus used this illustration to teach us that our “neighbor” is anyone that in need of help or care. God wants us to love like the Samaritan. He doesn’t want us to see color or race or nationality or any other label we put on people. God wants us to see others the way he does, and he wants us to love them just like Jesus did.

Congrats to the GREEN team for being our color team winners this week! They beat out the other teams by 1,000 points!!

Next week is TABLE NIGHT. The clubbers will dress the same as the other clubbers at their table. During Table Time this week, the clubbers and leaders decided what they are going to do. If your clubber does not know or remember, email me and I will find out. :)

Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team