This week was CRAZY SOCK Night! Boy, were there some wild and crazy socks too?!

Our emoji for the week was….


Wacky and crazy! These emojis are a fun way to express our silly side when we’re texting and emailing. We talked about some of the things that make us “wacky” – foods we like/dislike, types of clothes we wear, what we like to do, who we hang with. Sometimes others don’t agree with our opinion or we think someone else’s choices are a little different. But the truth is…God made each of us unique – on purpose! Our differences are what make us special, and He calls us to respect and love everyone the same. Obeying God sometimes means making hard choices – not watching an inappropriate movie or show, choosing to talk nicely about someone and not gossip with your friends, being a good sport during your game. Other people might think you’re “wacky” for choosing to follow God and do the right thing, but we learned that obeying God is always the best thing to do. To illustrate this, we watched a video about our Bible story – Joshua and the Fall of Jericho. See if your clubber can tell you what happened! And… see if they can tell you how many times the Israelites walked around the city of Jericho (this was our trivia question for the night).

Congrats to the GREEN team for being our color winners this week!


We will reconvene on Wednesday, March 8th for Favorite Things Night (your clubber can bring – and share – one of their favorite things. It cannot be alive or edible). :)

Please be working diligently with your clubbers over the next two weeks to practice their verses so that they have the opportunity to finish their books this year. Awards Night is on March 22nd!

Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team