Winter x 2017 was a great success. We had so much fun and there was a TON of snow. The new snowboarders and skiers seemed to pick it up pretty quick and everyone had a really good time. The highlight for me is always being a part of God’s work that he is doing in the lives of our students. As Pastor Jack has said, “I love being on the front lines of what God is doing.” For me, one of these highlights is “one on ones.” We always encourage our students to have one on ones with their leaders. This is a conversation that is just the leader and the student. Typically walking around outside looking at the stars or in the restaurant with a cup of Hot Cocoa. This is our way of making sure that every single student has an intentional conversation with a leader and it gives that student an opportunity to talk about things they may not feel comfortable talking about in small groups.

My highlight was walking around camp on the last night. The storm had cleared up and the stars were shining bright. As I looked up I knew God was speaking to his people. During this time small groups were over and I was walking around with a student. I was looking down most of the time or looking at the student to be able to listen to what he was sharing. However, at one point I looked up and I noticed something. All over the camp there were several leaders, not just me, having one on ones. As we walked by other leaders we noticed they had students with them too. I knew at that point that God WAS speaking to his people. He was doing so through our amazing leaders that take the time out of their schedules to be with the students. At that moment I noticed about 7 different leaders all wandering around camp, looking at the stars, and having intentional conversations about faith, life, and of course, healthy relationships with our youth.

Here are some things that happened at this camp that we can celebrate:

  • Kids got away from the craziness of life to intentionally hear from God and experience Him
  • Kids got to taste a little bit of heaven during musical worship that led them to the cross of Jesus
  • Kids had a leader intentionally care for them RIGHT where they are REGARDLESS of what they have done
  • Leaders were impacted as they ministered to students and God spoke to them

Some numbers to celebrate

  • 9 kids attended that have never been to our camps or are new to our church
  • We increased attendance from 45 to 70 students which is a 55.5 percent increase!!
  • 15 leaders came and two of them had never led on our trips before. They had an amazing time.
  • 7 kids learned to ski or snowboard for the first time EVER!!!
  • More than half of our attendance (leaders and students) had never seen snow fall from the sky, so that was epic for them and also proved that some of us need to get out more…LOL

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Winter X 2017 Recap Video

Winter X 2017 Pics