We celebrated the end of our AWANA year with an awards ceremony at the Cove on Wednesday night. Parents and siblings were invited as we recognized our clubbers for all their hard work over the past seven months. Each table came on stage and awards were given for: handbook completions, attendance, color team points winner and sportsmanship. We also recognized our amazing leaders that give up every Wednesday night to pour into our clubbers and help them learn God’s word.

Our leaders and helpers this year:

Adult Table Leaders: Jenny Madsen, Marty Wiler, Darlene Shadden, Sandy Heim, Lesley Hyatt, Susan Portrey, Lorie Porter, Dalilah Dang and Stefanie Beeman

Youth Table Helpers: Daphlie Hawkins, Natalie Cooper, Mackenzie Beeman, Shelby Garrett. Cassie Portrey, Ellery Archer, Reagan Roy, Natily Ager and John Ager Jr.

Super Helpers: Pam Provenzano, Michelle Sedgwick, Kelli Miles, Amelia Thomas and Alissa Speziale

Games Leaders: John Ager and Ryan Williams

Preschool Helpers: Abby Roy and Brooke Woodworth

Here’s the list of the clubbers that we recognized on Wednesday night:

First Book Completion Award:

Ava Black, Noelle Cooper, Peyton Hyatt, Anna Kelly, Nora Kelly, Julie Miles, Max Miles, Lucy Miller, Maryn Rogers, Theo Tagliareni, Kinley Tague, Ellie Wallace, Layla Lattarulo, Leiley Davis and Isabella Coppola.

Second Book Completion Award:

Avery Archer,  Mikaela Lee, Noah Rogers, Nora Speziale and Trevor Lima

Third Book Completion Award:

Caleb Kennedy, Sammy Ippolito and Nora Speziale

Alpha Award (Third Grader Book Completion):

Scotty Provenzano and Nathan Yoon

Perfect Attendance – Winter Only:

Kayla Lowe, McKenna Lowe, Noah Rogers, Ainsley Stewart, Scarlett Stewart and Ian Wu

Runner-Up Attendance (Only missed one Wednesday since September):

Leiley Davis, Ashlynn Hildebrand, Lilly Hildebrand, Sammy Ippolito, Penny Miles, Will Sedgwick, Ella Sterline, Siena Williams, Jason Yoon and Nathan Yoon


Natalie Beeman, Isabella Coppola, Anna and Nora Kelly, Layla Lattarulo, Mikaela Lee, Trevor Lima, Lucy Miller, Chloe Portrey, Scotty Provenzano, Maryn Rogers, Nora Speziale, Connor Sacco and  Eva VanderZwart

Sportsmanship Award

Emma Pearcy, Will Sedgwick, Ellie Wallace and Nolan Cooper

Congrats to the GREEN TEAM for being the year-round color team winner!

We ended with a slide show – a great reminder of what fun we’ve had on Wednesday nights!

The biggest award should actually go to the PARENTS of all our clubbers who are so committed to getting them to the Cove every Wednesday night – thank you for that!!

It was a very special night; it’s been an amazing year!

Have a wonderful summer and we’ll see you at VBS! (Sign up now! www.canyonsprings.org/vbs)

The AWANA Team