Last night was Crazy Sock Night (and there were lots of wild and wacky socks!). More importantly, though, it was the first week of our series on CANDY! The candy of the week was….chocolate! The clubbers were thrilled to get to snack on M&Ms during table time – and I’m sure it helped them to memorize even more Bible verses! :)

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy started out by explaining to the new clubbers the groups that we rotate with at Awana each week – “Hikers” are our Kindergarten and 1st graders; they go to table time first and finish the night outside at games. “Climbers” are our 2nd & 3rd graders and they start at games and finish at table time.

Our Bible story focused on a passage from Luke, chapter 12. Jesus was telling his disciples not to worry so much. He referenced the birds and the flowers and how they don’t gather crops or worry about “dressing” themselves; God provides for their every need. We are even more important to God than the birds and the flowers (and all other created things); accordingly, He will provide for us and take care of us even more. He commands us to put Him first and trust Him rather than worry about anything. We talked about how there are two different ways to look at many of the situations we face – positive (“glass half full”) or negative (“glass half empty”). In the midst of situations that might seem scary or negative or aren’t going our way, sometimes we need a reminder of God’s goodness. All of His creation is a reminder of His goodness. As well, we can look at the many ways that He provides for us and remember that He is a good, loving God – our Creator! We all agreed that another reminder of God’s goodness is….chocolate! We ended Counsel Time with a prayer: “Dear God, You are good. You are so, so good. Thank you for chocolate.” See if your clubber can show you the hand motions and teach you the prayer too! :)

We had SO many clubbers that finished their intro booklets and received their uniform, bag and new book! We are so proud of them!!

We ended the night with a few songs – the Awana song and the all-time favorite, Crush!

Congrats to TEAM GREEN for being the color winner of the week! They got to come on stage and do the victory dance!!

Next week is BARF Night! No, this is not an occasion where all our clubbers get sick at the same time?! :) It stands for Bring A Real Friend. We told the clubbers to come up with a list of friends that they want to invite (since inevitably some won’t be able to come) and start asking now! We can’t wait to have the Cove overflowing with clubbers and friends!

Enjoy the pics below – see you next week!

The AWANA Team