Team COLOR Week

Candy of the Week: Jelly Beans

Each clubber started with a cup full of 10 jelly beans! So many colors and flavors!

Jelly Bean Facts: Did you know…

  • There are about 400 jelly beans in a pound!
  • There is a Jelly Bean University where you can major in Beanology.
  • It takes 7 to 21 days to make ONE jelly bean (a lot of work goes into each one)! ;)

Counsel Time – We Are All Different…Intentionally.

Why? make us unique and special.

God also made us different to give us the opportunity to work together and share our gifts.

Regardless of the differences, we are ALL His children and we can ALL work together which models God’s love to others.

Table Time

So many of our Hikers and Climbers were busy learning their verses and going through their handbooks. Some kids had extra time to work on a Jelly Bean Prayer page. It reminded us that many of the jelly bean colors remind us about important things about God.



This week at games, each color team played games competing to win points for their color team! They cheered, they shouted, they jumped and ran their way to complete the challenges. Though they were all working to earn points they were also practicing to work together to encourage each other for their effort and heart! This is another way these great sportsman can earn points….good attitudes and supportive team work! Go Team!

Singing & Dancing

COLOR Winner of the Week …..GREEN Team

Next Week:

October 11th – “More Prayers Please” This is based on the Blessing Bag Event at Canyon Springs where we make bags full of blessings (toiletries, snacks, etc). At AWANA next week, we will be making Prayer/Encouragement Cards to put in the Blessing Bags.

Click here if you are interested in joining this event.