Alpine 2018 was a blast. We provided games, they made friends, and well, there was lots of sugar.  But the most important part was that we wanted the kids to meet Jesus… One of the ways our kids met Jesus at Alpine was thru the one on ones that took place with their leaders.  This was my highlight for the weekend.   I loved walking around the camp and seeing our leaders demonstrate the love of Christ by being intentional with their students. The kids were removed from the daily distractions of life and their leaders used the time to sit down with every student in their group to hear about their life. Some students wanted to talk about girls or boys, some wanted to talk about sports, and some wanted to talk about their faith. Regardless, EVERY student had an  intentional conversation with a leader. We never forced the kids to talk about their faith or anything serious but we allowed them the space to do so. Some took the opportunity to banter but others used the time to dig further in their faith. This year I heard of a lot of great conversations as students opened up about pressures at school, bad decisions friends are making, and their doubts about God. I loved hearing how the leaders prayed with them, offered them advice, and loved them where they were at.

During our group time the students were challenged to “reorganize” their life. The idea was that Jesus is the “great reorganizer.” Just like His followers in the Bible had stuff in their life that needed to be reorganized so that God would come first in their lives, we too have some reorganizing to do.  Jesus will help you do this.  God can take the bad things in our life and reorganize them and mold them so we can make more Christlike decisions. Lives were changed.   Will you join myself and the leaders as we pray that each student remembers their time at camp and that the spiritual seeds planted will grow, taking them to the next step on their walk with God.

Alpine Highlight Video 2018