Promotion Sunday was this past Sunday. Is is always bitter sweet for me as the youth pastor. I am of course incredibly excited for the seniors and I know God is going to continue to use them in college but it is bitter because now I say goodbye to another great group of seniors. This group was special because many of them had been there with me since their freshman year (when I started working at CS). Every Promotion Sunday I am reminded of one thing: God’s grace is so good. Every student that was on that stage on Sunday, they all have different stories. Every face had a different story. Every face had a different pain, heartache, or struggle that they had been through. While much of the congregation sees the final result (an amazing graduate that loves Jesus) I see something other things as well. I am reminded that each of these kids has been through a lot. They all have a story to tell. They all have something they have gone through. Again, God’s grace is so good. Every person up there was was a testament to God’s grace and it is HIS grace that will get these kids through college.

Remember Seniors, when you go to college a lot is going to change. Your living situation. Your food. Your maturity. So many things will change. BUT! Do not change what you believe about yourself. Do not forget to believe that you are a chosen child of God. That you are forgiven. LOVED. Don’t forget WHOSE you are.

Congrats, CLASS OF 2018!!! You are already world CHANGERS!


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