Every day this week was a little sad because we weren’t at VBS, but… let’s take a few minutes and recap what an amazing week it was at our tournament as Canyon Springs Champions for Christ!

We had 305 kids (“Players”) ages preschool through 5th grade flood our campus to learn about Jesus (oh – and have A LOT of fun!!).

Our key target for the week – and every day – was to Gear Up, Get Ready, and Game On! Being that the theme was GAME ON, we highlighted how God wants us to realize God has given us His ultimate playbook. He wants us to join His team, train hard, celebrate salvation, and encourage one another. Toward the end of the week, the kids were given the opportunity to personally accept Jesus as their Savior. If they chose to make this decision for themselves, our leaders prayed with them as they invited Jesus into their heart and asked to be part of His family. The wonderful news is….

Acceptance of Christ

Toward the end of the week, during Storytime, the kids were given the opportunity to pray to invite Jesus into their heart and become part of His family. Throughout the week we had 150 kids say that prayer and accept Christ! That is absolutely wonderful!! Please talk to your child and see if they made this decision this week; they should have come home with a “God Loves You” book which explains everything that was talked about. If you have any questions, would like to find out more or want to discuss “what’s next” for your child, feel free to email Lesley at [email protected].

VBS Missions Project

Our missions project this week, through Rio Al Mar, focused on an underprivileged village in Tijuana where the kids are not allowed to attend school unless they have a uniform. The uniforms cost over $80, so it is a significant hardship for them. We challenged our VBS kids to find ways to earn money at home so we could raise enough money to provide some of the kids in Tijuana with uniforms for school. The kids proudly brought in money EVERY day!

BY THE END OF THE WEEK, WE RAISED ENOUGH MONEY TO PROVIDE 30 RIO AL MAR KIDS WITH SCHOOL UNIFORMS!! What a blessing; love that our kids are learning to help others!

VBS Continues in Mexico! (Day 6) at Canyon Springs Church. Learn more at https://www.sandiegovbs.com

Espresso Coffee Cart

We got over “hump day” this year with an espresso cart outside Marshall Middle School on Wednesday. We had a great turn out and we loved having the families there getting to know each other and spending their Wednesday morning with us!

Pictures & Videos

With a “media team” of 4, we took over 2250 photos and countless hours of videos over the 5 days. The kids loved seeing the daily recap videos which included the best of the daily shots. The best of the best were turned into the final recap video (below).

Flickr (Pictures)

All of the photos have been uploaded to the Canyon Springs Church Flickr Account. Each day has been put into an Album, and all of the albums into a Collection.


YouTube Playlist (Videos)

All of the kickoff and recap videos have been added to a YouTube Playlist

Thank You Volunteers & Leaders . . . all 150+ of you!

The fact is, it takes a small army to run VBS and it is largely due to the enormous number of volunteers that dedicate their time, energy and efforts all week – and in the months leading up to VBS! – that allow it to run so smoothly and be SO much fun!

  • We had 80 small group leaders (“Head Coaches”) and assistant leaders (“Assistant Coaches”) helping, guiding and leading our VBS kids every day.
  • There were about 70 additional volunteers running and organizing the different rotations – and helping in many, many other ways!

So THANK YOU to every single person that helped out last week; Canyon Springs and all the kids were truly blessed by you!

VBS 2019 Registration Is Open…


We want more kids to know about Jesus and we can’t wait to do this all again next year.. which is why we’ve already announced the dates for VBS 2019 (June 24th-28th, 2019) and opened registration – with a special discount JUST for our Players :)

Click here to register for VBS 2019


Head Ref Betsy and Assistant Ref Lesley “Blue”
and the rest of the Coaching Crew

P.S. Use Hashtag #CSCVBS2018 on all of your pictures so we can share in your fun!

VBS 2018 Highlight Video

VBS2018 Best of Pictures