Julie Mountain

Julie has been a part of the Canyon Springs team since October 2021 where she oversees the Women’s Ministry. Julie teaches the weekly “Growing in Grace” Bible study and plans women’s events for the church. Her passion is to help women realize how much Jesus loves them and to inspire women to go deep with God! Julie is a retired [...]

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Sekwohn Grondin

Sekwohn has been a part of the Canyon Springs team since September 2021 and is in charge of the High School ministry here at Canyon Springs. Between the Wednesday night experience and the Sunday morning youth service, Sekwohn and his volunteers continually pursue the students in the community to show them the life that God has for them and their [...]

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Jonathan Schmitz

Jonathan Schmitz lived in Deer Park, Washington. He grew up in a Christian home and believed in Jesus from a very young age. But it wasn’t until after he graduated high school that he really started pursuing his call to share the gospel. His first step was attending Calvary Chapel Bible College, and from there he went to work at [...]

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Lesley Hyatt

Lesley is the children's director at Canyon Springs and the director of Kids Crew, our special needs ministry. She is passionate about helping teach kids about God and learning how to be in relationship with Him. Lesley and her husband, Matt started attending Canyon Springs 9 years ago after eagerly seeking a church that had powerful sermons, great music, and [...]

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Jilane Hawkins

After receiving a B.A. In Speech Communications Jilane married Jack and they began their life of partnering together both in their home and in their  ministry.  They started Canyon Springs Church together in 1998 and have been on the front row watching God work in and through the lives of those who have walked through it’s doors.  She can’t wait [...]

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Darlene Shadden

Darlene has been a part of the Canyon Springs team since mid 2012 and helps to manage the church office, church scheduling, writes the ebulletin and administratively supports the other staff members. She joined Canyon Springs Church in spring of 2011. The Shadden’s were active members of the Catholic Church for about 10 years, until their daughter Molly Rae, who [...]

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Chad Richards

Chad Richards is the Executive Pastor at Canyon Springs Church. Chad holds a B.A. in Religion, Ministry and Leadership from Vanguard University and a Masters of Theological Studies with and Emphasis in Biblical Studies from Bethel University and Seminary. Chad and his wife Megan have two daughters, Ayven and Sage. Chad likes surfing, movies, reading,  and officiating weddings.  More About Chad, From Chad [...]

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Jack Hawkins

Jack is the founder and lead pastor of Canyon Springs Church. He has been married to his best friend since 1987 and together he and Jilane have four children, the latest they adopted from Haiti. Jack and Jilane have been all around the world including Haiti, Belize, Uganda and the Dominican Republic which has given them a front row seat [...]

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Blake Miller

Blake has been a part of the Canyon Springs team since mid-2013 and helps with Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Outreach and Events. After moving to North County with his expecting wife in 2010 and attending Canyon Springs a few times, he (and his wife) was instantly hooked. Soon, he became a Small Group Leader of one of the “Young Family” groups. [...]

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