We’re excited to recognize and thank Erin and Craig Brown! They have been part of the Canyon Springs community since 2012, and they’ve helped out in so many different ways.

Learn more about the great work that God has the Browns doing below.

What Ministry / Group do you Volunteer With?

Orange Ave / UrbanLife partnership and past member of the hospitality team.

When did you start coming to Canyon Springs?

Around 2012-2013

What made you decide to Volunteer?

We feel it’s a great way to make meaningful connections with our church family and all the wonderful folks at Orange Ave and the UrbanLife Farms.

What is your favorite part about Volunteering?

Seeing the kids show up engaged at Orange Ave and talk about how much they enjoy being a part of UrbanLife Farms and the time they spend with their church family. It’s wonderful to know they have another option in Orange Ave besides joining a local gang.

Do you volunteer with other organizations, outside of Canyon Springs?

Yes, I have been volunteering for many years with the Seany Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to quality of life programs for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

What purpose/value/feeling do you feel/gain/have when you are volunteering?

Wholeheartedly believe in being of service and giving back. It’s a reminder that we are all in this together and when one is unhappy or hurt we all feel the pain…and when I volunteer and give back it makes my heart feel great!

About You

Where were you born/raised?

Erin was born in Escondido, CA but lived in Ramona from 3rd grade through graduation.

Favorite childhood memory?

Too many to choose a favorite – I am very thankful for being able to grow up in time when I could run around outside being surrounded by nature, building forts and hiking just across the street in the Cleveland National Forest and camping with my family.

What is your job/profession outside of Canyon Springs?

I have been working at the Petco corporate office for the past 17 years.


Married to Craig Brown, we have 7 children – (3) dogs – Leroy, Bella and Zodiac, (2) chickens – CeeCee and Nugget, an aquatic turtle named Mr. Turtle and a guinea pig named Lucy.

Stuff & Random Tidbits


What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

I would run home to watch He-man-Masters of the Universe (I really wanted to be Teela, captain of the guards when I grew up) and Hunter with Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer …I was an odd child.

What is your favorite food / restaurant in San Diego?

Vegetables from my UrbanLife Farms CSA bag :) …I try and follow the Localvore practices as much as possible

Who is your favorite sports team?

I love my San Diego Padres, the LA Kings and am looking forward to going to San Diego Gulls Hockey games this fall!

Where do you love to shop?

Walter Anderson Nursery, Barnes and Noble Books, the Poway farmers market and thrift stores.

What is one “interesting fact” about yourself?

I can make a dove call

What one word or phrase describes you?

Be passionate about life

How many donut holes do you eat each week in the courtyard?

What? Adults can eat the donut holes??

Anything else unique or interesting you can tell us about yourself?

I am a two-time cancer survivor that loves blues music, building things and frozen yogurt from In-the-Mix

Would you like to Volunteer?