We’re excited to recognize and thank our Sunday School Teachers!

Every Sunday, they are THERE! Our Sunday school teachers are committed and faithfully serve. They know your children by name. They share in their triumphs and tribulations.  Our Sunday school teachers provide engaging, enriching and nurturing environments that point our Canyon Springs kids to the Lord and allow them to learn and grow in the love and knowledge of God’s word.  They have spent hours encouraging and equipping our kids to be servants of Christ in our church and the community. They have also spent time connecting with children and their families to deepen relationships and foster a sense of community! Our Sunday school teachers are fun and engaging. They have sacrificed their time, have a great ability to teach, and demonstrate extreme dedication to our Canyon Springs kids. We are grateful for each and every one of our Sunday school teachers.

Take a moment and thank our teachers for faithfully caring for the children! Here are our awesome teachers: 

  • Preschool 8:30- Natily Ager
  • Preschool 10:30- Kylee Silber
  • K/1 8:30- Jodie Horn
  • K/1 10:30 – Riley DeSaegher
  • 2nd/3rd 8:30-  Chris & Alissa Speziale
  • 2nd /3rd 10:30- Caroline Coats
  • 4th/5th 8:30- Michael Cooper
  • 4th/ 5th 10:30- Alysia Buck


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