Mission Night at AWANA was GREAT! Our Clubbers represented ALL of God’s children from ALL OVER THE WORLD! We traveled to China, Afghanistan, Haiti, Spain, Norway, Mexico and Uganda to name a few.

Ms. Jilane shared how blessed we are to know about Jesus, because in many far away places, people have never known about Him. We memorized Psalm 67:5 “May the peoples praise you, Oh God; may ALL the peoples praise you.”

We played the game Telephone, with the words PRAY, TELL, GO, GIVE. In life, God does not want us to just whisper about Him, but to tell everyone we meet about Him BOLDLY and LOUDLY!

We now know that we can PRAY daily for God’s word to reach ALL the people of the world. We know that we can TELL people about Jesus at school, AWANA, neighborhoods, and family gatherings. We know that we can GO to places to share God’s word like downtown, Mexico (VBS Mexico is just around the corner), Belize and Haiti. We can GIVE God’s word through sharing a bible, a gift of food or love or friendship for someone in need or through the invitation to attend church with us!

We had the opportunity to have a couple of our AWANA Leaders who have traveled to foreign countries share about their experiences. Big John and Ms. Rachelle shared about their recent trip to Haiti. The Clubbers were curious about the school the children of Haiti attended. Big John was able to share with them the building process our church handled to bring school to these children. The Clubbers found out how thankful the kids of Good Rest Mission are to have received the gift of pencil pouches for their school that the children of Canyon Springs provided! They were surprised; and a bit sad, to learn that many of the children in Haiti only receive one meal a day.  Big John showed some artwork brought back from Haiti with the Clubbers and they enjoyed the stories that represented each piece of art.

We ended counsel time with a short slideshow of the Haiti Spring trip and the Clubbers received the gift of a keychain with a small globe to help them remember how blessed we are to know about Jesus and to pray for our brothers and sisters far away that may not yet know.

Our AWANA Song & Dance team led us in worship to our AWANA Theme song and CRUSH!

Congrats to the YELLOW team for winning this week!

Next week we DO NOT have AWANA!  Enjoy your week off and we will see you on Wednesday, May 11th for Team Color Night. Have your child dress HEAD to TOE in his and her team color!


The Awana Team