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Darlene has been a part of the Canyon Springs team since mid 2012 and helps to manage the church office, church scheduling, writes the e-bulletin and administratively supports the other staff members.

San Diego Rescue Mission/Canyon Springs Partnership

San Diego Rescue Mission is truly grateful for the over fifty brand-new backpacks with bibles and goodies!   Canyon Springs Church stepped up once again and made a difference. We now know that God has so much in store for ALL of us. The Story of A Big God & the Little Red Backpack Recently we [...]

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Women of Canyon Springs – Bunco Night Recap!

There was laughing.  There was screaming, and there were lots and lots of smiles!  This was last week’s Women of Canyon Springs Bunco and Silent Auction!  A dozen beautiful women arrived at our new building for a fun-filled night. The Silent Auction raised over $500 toward our new building fund!  Tamping down the excitement of the [...]

Women of Canyon Springs Christmas Celebrations 2022

Our Christmas celebrations were a special time for our Women of Canyon Springs! The past couple of weeks were fun and festive for the Women of Canyon Springs! Friday night, 37 women gathered at Julie Mountain’s house to celebrate the birth of Jesus with the “Women’s Christmas Dessert and Gift Exchange.” All decked out in our Christmas best, we ate [...]

Thanksgiving Cooking Class

The Women of Canyon Springs Have Prepared A Meal of Gratefulness! The smell of Thanksgiving was in the air as 20 ladies, I mean, chefs, assembled a Thanksgiving meal at Addy’s Bistro last week!  Denise, the shop owner, taught us how to make homemade rolls, garlic herbed turkey breast, gourmet mac and cheese, roasted veggies, butternut squash soup and [...]

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THANK YOU! Coffee House Christmas Was A Great Success!

Coffeehouse Christmas was AMAZING! Coffeehouse Christmas was a little different this year, taking place on 2 Sundays after church service. This change allowed us to hear from several of our amazing vendors about the work they are doing worldwide to give hope to those facing and overcoming the challenges of poverty, trafficking, lack of quality education, and homelessness. Every [...]

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Women of Canyon Springs Soul Spa Retreat Recap

Soul Spa Weekend October 8th & 9th at Embassy Suites Hotel was a weekend of worship with God’s Spirit moving among and touching all 34 women who attended. Speaker Heidi Sturch spoke of how we are all redeemed, refreshed, and rooted in Jesus because of His amazing deep, and never-ending love for us. Our verse for the weekend, Isaiah [...]

OASIS Middle School Summer Camp Recap 2022

It's official Camp Season is over! Enjoy a recap of our Middle School Summer Camp Event! We took our Middle Schoolers to Forest Home for a week a couple of weeks after houseboats! We took 80 students and 12 leaders and headed to the mountains to encounter what God had been preparing these students for all year. One of the [...]

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OASIS High School Summer Houseboats Recap 2022

It's official Camp Season is over! Enjoy a recap of our High School Houseboats Event! We had such a blast in mid July taking our High School students to Lake Mead for our Houseboats trip! It was my first time going on this trip, and even though there is so much going into planning a camp like this, it was [...]

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Easter 2022 Recap & Pictures

Thank you for everything, Easter! From volunteering to serving to giving to attending! It was a fantastic day! We held our three services at our standard Sunday Service location - Marshall Middle School. It was amazing to see old friends and meet new ones as well! Jonathan and the worship band played a great mix of songs. Pastor Jack delivered [...]

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THANK YOU! Coffee House Christmas Was A Great Success!

Coffeehouse Christmas was AMAZING! With the smell of fresh brew Starbucks coffee and live music filling the air, Coffeehouse Christmas started the holidays off right! The Cove was abuzz with shoppers excited to get a jump on their holiday gift-buying. However, this was no ordinary shopping experience; every dollar spent meant a life in a disadvantaged situation was touched! Every [...]

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