Gossip is ruining lives. It is an epidemic in society. The longer I work with youth the more I realize how serious it is. It is nothing short of bullying and the words we use are becoming vehicles of destruction. 

Here is the truth about gossip: It is wrecking us spiritually and separating us from people. When we gossip we push others out and let the enemy in. 


Here is the truth behind gossip and why we do it.

1.) It makes me feel better.” This is one way we justify gossip. We say we are merely just, “venting.” Lets be honest, there are other ways to relieve that stress.

2.) “We are insecure.” We often gossip because if we can put others down it puts us up. It makes me feel better that others agree with me. It is a nod of approval that we are seeking in all the wrong places. Go to God for approval. He will gladly give it. 

3.) “We are gathering ammo against others.” We gossip because we want our friends to be on our side. We talk bad about others so our friends will agree with us. We have to be certain that our friends have our backs. The reality is, if you are questioning your friends loyalty, they may not be friends at all. Find friends that you know have your back. 

4.) “Its fun” What else are you going to talk about? It is fun and interesting to talk about others. It makes it easy to stay “in the know” with everything that is going on at school or work.

3 Ways to be a Gossip Smasher

1.) When you find yourself in a gossip or trash talking group, separate or dictate. Either separate from the group or dictate the question to them, “How is this helping?”

2.) Be the leader. Be the person that steps up and speaks up for the one being made fun of. Show some grace. God always stood up for the unjustified.

3.) Be positive. Be the one in the group always talking great about others. People will notice and hopefully follow suit. 

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