I AM WAITING was a total hit. We had 130 students show up to hear about why we should wait to have sex.

Thank you guys for coming out and hearing what the bible says about these topics. I hope that you really got something out of this talk and it will spark up some good conversations amongst yourselves and with your families and leaders. This week we are kicking off our relationship goals series.

Here is what this will look like:

-Sunday May 22: Megan Strong (guest speaker) is coming to speak. She is talking about what a women in Christ is like. Guys! Come and here this talk so you understand what some biblical things are to look for in a girl.

-Sunday May 27: I (chad) am speaking to the guys. Ladies! Come here what some biblical qualities are that you should look for in a man.


Both these Sunday’s will be Sunday’s you do not want to miss. Cannot wait to see you this week to kick things off :)


Here are some pictures from Tuesday Night.