Tonight, at Canyon Springs, we are starting a campaign called, “I Am Waiting.” It is a campaign centered on teaching our young people about sexual intimacy. We are doing this because our world is screaming at them something completely different. The world our young ones are growing up in is drastically different from the days of I Love Lucy.

Our first week we are talking to the parents. That is tonight. We have a great ministry partner. They are out of the Pregnancy Resource Center in Vista and are coming in to share some research regarding sex among the youth. The statistics are mind bending and life changing. As parents, how do you talk about sex with your student? How do you talk about sex from a Christian perspective?

God tells Adam and Eve to, “Be fruitful and multiply.” God clearly wants us to be engaged in a sexual relationship. However, he wants us to do it in the confines of a marriage relationship. The sad truth is, many Christians fall before marriage. I think we need to take some responsibility as the church.

For years we have been telling kids, “Don’t have sex. Don’t do it. Just say no.” They have been given numerous sermons on the awful consequences of pre marital sex but have yet to hear about the redeeming aspects of marital sex. I think it is time that the Church redeems the sexual culture and we invite our young people into something bigger than what the world is offering.

We hope to see you tonight so we can start this conversation together. You will leave with practical tools on how to address the tough topics at home.

Tonights I am Waiting Event is at the Cove from 630-830. There is no cost.

9889 Hibert Street, Suite A

San Diego, CA 92131