Thanks to all the student leaders that have been coming out once a month to get more involved in Oasis. You guys are really bringing a lot to the ministry and I think God is going to use this group in some big ways. Just to recap yesterday we talked about stress and mentorship.


First, it is important to know how to handle your stress. Understand what stresses you out, learn to delegate leadership, and go to God. Second, mentorship will be a huge role in your leadership. If you do not have a mentor, get one! Have a person that is a little more ahead of you in life that can come alongside you in the ups and downs of life. However, just because you have a mentor does not mean you will automatically grow in your faith.

When it comes to mentorship, here are some steps I think you can commit to:

-Ask questions. Ask your mentor questions. Ask them about everything. Faith, doubt, life, relationships. The more you ask, the more you will learn.

-Commit to meeting with your mentor at least once-twice a month.

-Go through a book of the bible or a leadership book together

-Make yourself accountable. It is not your mentors job to hold YOU accountable. You ought to make yourself accountable by being open and honest with your mentor. Share life together.

Anyways, you guys are awesome. We are so proud of the ways you want to lead and step more into your faith. May God bless you as you stay the path of Faith. 


Tomorrow night is I Am Waiting from 7-9PM. Hope you can make it! We start our Relationship Goals Series on Sunday. Invite your friends!