We’re excited to recognize and thank Kasey Bethel! She have been an important part of the Canyon Springs community since the 8th grade and has helped out in a lot of wonderful ways.

Read more about how God has worked through Kasey at Canyon Springs.

What Ministry / Group do you Volunteer With?

Youth worship and middle school oasis leader.

When did you start coming to Canyon Springs?

Occasionally throughout middle school but dedicated in 8th grade and on

What made you decide to Volunteer?

Wanting spreading Gods love and give back to my church family!!

What is your favorite part about Volunteering?

I’ve met lots of awesome people, grown deeper in my faith, and I have gotten some awesome opportunities and experiences

Do you volunteer with organizations, outside of Canyon Springs

Canyon Springs takes up most of my time :)

About You

Where were you born/raised?

San Diego, but military has moved me to Texas and Japan

What brought you to San Diego?

Military Service

What is your job/profession outside of Canyon Springs?

I am a student :)


Mom, dad, and awesome brother!

Stuff & Random Tidbits

What is your favorite food / restaurant in San Diego?

Board and Brew

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I used to Irish dance :P

What is one word or phrase that describes you?

Favorite verse: “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalm 139:14

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