Winter x 2018 was MORE than just Snowboarding and Skiing. We also had a big group go to Bryce Canyon and a group go bowling. But beyond that was the opportunity for our youth to come face to face with Jesus thru worship, a message, quiet time or time with a leader.  God met me there in the middle of the room where we did program and worship time at Winter X, praying. As I opened my eyes and looked in front of me, I was surrounded by kids passionately worshipping their Lord. I looked at each individual kid and I thought of their story; the girl who started coming to church six months ago because a friend invited her, the boy who committed his life to Jesus two years ago and hasn’t looked back. So many testimonies and stories represented…..right in front of my eyes. Each kid in the room was walking along different life paths. Right there God reminded me of His power.  Only He foresaw the details that came together to get all of these kids in that room on that night.  And He allowed me to be part of it.   I closed my eyes again and quietly responded with, “Thank you for what I get to do. Thank you that I get to partner with you God.” I was humbled by the Lord.

God moved in the students’ lives over the weekend and it was evident thru our encounters with them. Now the hard work begins. How do we continue to disciple the kids as they enter back into reality post camp?

It takes a community that loves Jesus and wants to see the lives of youth changed by His grace. It takes caring adults with the desire to lead youth small groups, to follow up and to have persistence in engaging our youth with the message of Jesus. But on top of that it takes a community that loves Jesus and wants to see the lives of youth changed by His grace.  A church community filled with people who choose to pray for youth and to invest financially into youth programming.  I am grateful that Canyon Springs is that church. These camps are about life change for Jesus and allows Oasis to have a launching point for all of the other ways we touch the life of a youth.

So many reasons to celebrate and thank God:

  • 80 Kids got away from the craziness of life to intentionally hear from God and experience Him
  • Kids got to taste a little bit of heaven during musical worship that led them to the cross of Jesus
  • Kids had a leader intentionally care for them RIGHT where they were REGARDLESS of what they had done
  • Leaders were impacted as they ministered to students and God spoke to them
  • 13 kids attended that have never been to our camps or are new to our church
  • 20 leaders gave up a weekend to pour into students
  • 11 kids learned to ski or snowboard for the first time EVER!!!
  • 2 kids committed their life to Christ (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER)

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Winter X 2018 Recap Video

Winter X 2018 Pics

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