We’re excited to recognize and thank Brian Six!  Brian is a vital part of our church community! He helps out in a lot of wonderful ways.

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What Ministry / Group do you Volunteer With?


When did you start coming to Canyon Springs?


What made you decide to Volunteer?

I’d been doing sound for many years back East and always took the opportunity to use that talent. Shortly after coming to Canyon Springs the call went out for help with sound board and I jumped at the chance.

What is your favorite part about Volunteering?

Being a contributing component to such a major part of the day. It’s not the attention or anything like that. Purely a way to say “Thanks” to God for what he does everyday. I’m very grateful. I don’t wake up at 5:15am on a Sunday for just anybody! :)

Do you volunteer with organizations, outside of Canyon Springs

Not at the moment.

About You

What is your job/profession?

I’m a Pre-Sales Engineer for an Open-Source software company called SUSE. I bring technical expertise to the discussion when considering our technology offering as an IT solution.

Where were you born/raised?

South Western Virginia. A place where tea is served sweet, biscuits are made by hand and pecan pie is hard to keep on the shelves.

What brought you to San Diego?

My work had an opening in San Diego and I threw my name in the ring for a relocation package. It was a great way to get here without having to pay for it myself. :) I had visited here on a work trip and certainly fell in love with the weather vs the humidity back home.


Married to a wonderful wife – Karin and have 3 children, Marie, Michael and Jessica.

Stuff & Random Tidbits

What is your favorite food / restaurant in San Diego?

There is so much here in San Diego. Flippi’s for pizza and Wahine Kai for Shave Ice.

What is one “interesting fact” about you?

Wow. There are so many. How about the fact that I live on a farm.

What is one word or phrase that describes you?


Thank you Brian for your serving heart!

Enjoy a few photos of Brian and his family!


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