Winter X 2020 was incredible. This year we did an open mic night. We have never really done this on Winter X but I felt God’s leading in it. I am glad we did. As a Youth Pastor, I am constantly reminded what these kids are going through. So often, you do not really know because we are all good at masking our pain. During the open mic a couple people shared what was really going on. I was inspired.

  • One girl shared how she has been sober from self harm for 6 months and she looked out at a crowd of her peers and said, “If you struggle with self harm and you cut yourself I want you to know that you can beat it and I am here for you.”
  • Another girl shared how she used to hate herself and what she looked like but now feels so loved because of Jesus
  • A student from the other church that came with us shared how he just got out of rehab a couple months ago and was so motivated to stay sober

These stories are not unique. They are things that students really do go through. My prayer is that these are not just things that students “share” but things they truly are finding healing in.

So many reasons to celebrate and thank God:

  • 75 Kids got away from the craziness of life to intentionally hear from God and experience Him
  • Kids got to taste a little bit of heaven during musical worship that led them to the cross of Jesus
  • Kids had a leader intentionally care for them RIGHT where they were REGARDLESS of what they had done
  • Leaders were impacted as they ministered to students and God spoke to them

Enjoy the recap video below! Share it on Facebook to get the word out about our amazing camps!

Winter X 2020 Recap Video