Six months ago Pastor Jack shared with us the ONE HERE ONE THERE AND ONE EVERYWHERE campaign. It is a campaign dedicated to reaching more people not only here in San Diego but worldwide. Many of you contributed financially and have committed a pledge for this year to help the church reach its goal of 100,000 over our annual budget. We are on track and the money is going towards really fruitful ministry.

This summer $5,000 of this money and $2,000 from our annual budget went towards scholarships for kids to go to camp. This money sent 25 kids to camp that would not have been able to go without your generous contributions.

I wanted to share with you some of the stories and words from the kids that got to go:

“Dear my scholarship family,
I thank you for supporting me and helping me pay for this unforgettable and life changing experience. I grew close with new friends, old ones too, but most importantly God. Being surrounded by such a great group of people and nature really helped me see God. It was a memory that will last a life time. I hope to be able to attend next year and even bring some friends along with me.”


“I was very excited for my daughter to be able to go to the Houseboat retreat on Lake Mead. This summer is probably her last chance to go to a High School Christian retreat as she is going into her Senior Year and will most likely be working next summer. She told me that she had a great time in fellowship and meeting new people. She loved trying the wake-board and other fun water activities. She also made time to enjoy the quiet, sunrise devotions. It was a nice break from her job, to be able to take time away to seek God in a beautiful setting.

A huge shout out to all of the parents, youth leaders, and pastors who served Christ faithfully during the retreat. Love and prayers for the donors who responded to the Holy Spirit and generously helped kids who otherwise would not have been able to afford this trip! Many thanks to you and the people behind the scenes! “

“First, thank you so much for your generosity for camp. Your gifts have made a tremendous difference in my children’s lives. At camp both of my sons have experienced the power of Jesus and have accepted him into their lives. So much so, that one of them (graduated this year) has now changed his direction in life from wanting to be a veterinarian to wanting to serve God through ministry. I can not be more thrilled with his decision to be a minister and wanting to continue serving God with the youth of today to help them find God and his miracles.”

“My younger son has also accepted God into his life. I believe his older brother had a huge part in this, but without Canyon Springs he would not have found his way at such an early age. My prayers are with both of them that they may continue to feel and see the wonders that God provides on a daily basis.

We as a family will continue to support God and His Will by continuing our fellowship with CS and its family just as you continue to support ours.

Prayers, Love and Gratitude.”

“Thank you again so much for this opportunity. We were very happy that our middle school son had the opportunity to go to camp!! It means a great deal to us a family. Camp provides the opportunity to strengthen his relationship with the Lord and build a bond in connection with peers and who are building a relationship with God as well. Having the enthusiastic staff, pastors, student leaders, and camp counselors exemplify the fun-loving Godly spirit really makes a difference for him. He always looks forward to going and reports a great time when he returns. He shared a lot of awesome activities, moments and eye-opening experiences in his letter (attached). It brought tears of joy to my eyes and heart when I read about his night of worship being the most profound and drawing him closer to God.We feel very BLESSED and GRATEFUL to those who helped us send our son to camp for more growth and faith building experiences.”


My most spiritual and memorable moment in camp altogether had to be on Wednesday at Worship time. It was the first time, probably in my life, that I ever raised my hands to Heaven when we were singing to or about God. I felt like my relationship was very strong at that moment alone. See, our group of seventh grade boys was not exactly what you would call calm. However, on this night, everyone was very into the message and the songs. After worship, our leader Zach, took us onto some rocks and we talked about life and looked up at the starts together. At one moment I saw a shooting start. I thought it was a message from God”

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