“Thank-you Mom and Dad, thank-you so much for this trip.”  Those were the words of my Haitian daughter as we took her with the October 2017 Haiti team back to Haiti for the first time.  When we stepped off the bus onto the orphanage grounds where we had picked her up 8 months earlier, we were surrounded by children cheering and shouting her name.  The walls of her former orphanage were covered with hand-made signs of welcome.  It was pure delight to reconnect with friends and family.

The team that came with us was a large one, 38 team members total.  Most team members were  traveling with a family member (parent-child, Aunt-neice, brother-sister and spouses).  It was a mix of “newbies” and veterans alike.  We were able to visit all 3 sites that Canyon Springs works with in Haiti:  Foyer De Sion, a government-licensed orphanage, Good Rest Mission, a Baptist mission and Merger, a nearby community.  This team was amazing and connecting with kids and adults.  In spite of the language barrier relationships were established and good-byes were difficult.

One of the highlights of the trip was bringing the teenagers from Good Rest back to our Hotel for a Hoe-Down.  Arriving at the hotel the teens were given bandanas and cowboy hats and served a light lunch.  After hearing a message and testimonies from team members about how to be respectful in our boy/girl relationships, the plaid-covered tables were pulled back and the square-dancing began.  So much laughter and joy filled that dance-floor!

The team was also able to attend  the grand-opening of the church building at Good Rest.  The church has just recently moved from a tent to their permanent building (the original church was lost in the 2010 earthquake).  What a privilege to see God restore what was lost and to know that He is constantly in the business of not only restoring buildings but lives!

Thank-you Canyon Springs for your prayers and support of this trip.  The team and I humbly thank-you.


Jilane Hawkins


Enjoy a video from our recent trip

October Trip Pictures