We’re excited to recognize and thank Jane Lattarulo! Jane is a vital part of our church community! She helps out in a lot of wonderful ways.

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What Ministry / Group do you Volunteer With?

AWANA, Women’s Ministry, Hospitality and Outreach Activities

When did you start coming to Canyon Springs?


What made you decide to Volunteer?

I wanted to be a part of the church, meet new people and serve as God calls.

What is your favorite part about Volunteering?

Interacting with my church family. I have always believed and practiced, that giving is better than receiving, and in doing so, I always receive back.

Do you volunteer with organizations, outside of Canyon Springs

I prayerfully and monetarily support the Rescue Mission of San Diego.

About You

What is your job/profession?

I am an RN who has worked in many different roles. Currently (for the past few years) my role has been compliance and teaching; monitoring the quality of care delivered to home health and hospice care patients across the country.

Where were you born/raised?

Born in Indiana. High School and college years in Connecticut and moved to San Diego 44 years ago.


What brought you to San Diego?

My in-laws lived in San Diego and it was a good time for a new adventure post school and new baby.


I have 3 children, son & daughter-in-law, and 8 wonderful grandchildren who range from 3 to 15 years old. I am proud and blessed to say all are actively involved in their church.

Stuff & Random Tidbits

What is your favorite food / restaurant in San Diego?

I guess MiMi’s since we go there a lot!

What is one “interesting fact” about you?

I have two different color eyes.

What is one word or phrase that describes you?

Giving. I love to “gift” on my family and friends


Thank you Jane for your serving heart!

 Enjoy a few photos of Jane and her family!


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