As usual, we started out another fantastic week at Club 45 with “Club time” where the kids could relax and enjoy their time together playing games, eating snacks, and playing outside as well!

This week was all about Patience.  Boy did we have some great conversation about this fruit of the spirit!  Before we got started with the lesson, our mixer was BANANAS!

We split into groups and passed bananas down the line without using our hands or arms.  We used our necks and chins, which made it really fun (a lot of laughter, and a lot of dropped bananas).  After we finished, Ms. Chrissy asked if anyone had dropped the banana.  Then asked how it made them feel when they heard the moans and groans from their team.  It was tough to be PATIENT when everyone was trying so hard at the game!

Teaching time started out with the idea that being Impatient is kind of like thinking, “I am the most important person and everyone else around me is just a prop to help me meet my goals”

Our Story came straight from Matthew 18.

Some special Clubbers agreed to help with a skit about The King and the Two Servants.
The King found a servant who owed him a LOT of money, and decided to collect on the debt.  When the servant could not pay, the King felt bad for him and generously agreed to forgive the debt!  The servant left and the clubbers thought he should feel relieved and thankful.
However, instead, the servant found another servant who owed him a small sum of money.  Instead of passing on the generosity (like the King had done for him) he sent the second servant to jail until this debt was paid!  We were so surprised that the first servant was so impatient and treated the second servant so horribly.
Ms. Chrissy discussed how the King was generous like God is generous and patient with us.  We owe God a debt bigger than we can repay, but He shows us grace and mercy every day.
This week’s memory verse is:
Be patient, then, my brothers until the Lord’s coming. James 5:7a
We split into our small groups to discuss areas in our lives where we could learn to be more patient.
We closed Club 45 with the “Patience-O-Meter” where Ms. Chrissy read different scenarios.  The clubbers had to see where they were on the scale….1: easy to be patient, to 5: hard to be patient.
Your children have such great insight, they are amazing!
We closed in prayer, asking God to help us be patient with others the way that He is patient with us.