VBS 2018 – Day 3 Recap

Hard to believe our VBS Game On tournament is over half way complete! Boy, have we had fun!! Typically, "hump day" at VBS is kind of low energy - not today! The kids were full of cheer and energy- especially when they were chanting “we love Jesus, yes we do, we love Jesus how about you?”  Ask your kids if [...]

VBS 2018 – Day 2 Recap

Well, we completed the second day of our VBS Game On Tournament! Our team (made up of Head Coaches, Asst Coaches and Players) is amazing; they have stayed focused on their goal which is to GEAR UP, GET READY AND GAME ON! Not only that, but we had a myriad of athletes present today, including soccer players, softball/baseball players, dancers, [...]

VBS 2018 – Day 1 Recap

The first day on Canyon Springs Team - Champions for Christ was awesome! Our team of head coaches, assistant coaches, and players are the cream of the crop and made our day one a total success! The players made their way to four different events this morning: Craft, Snack/Rec, Music and Story. All of them centered around our job for [...]

AWANA – Color Week

Team COLOR Week Candy of the Week: Jelly Beans Each clubber started with a cup full of 10 jelly beans! So many colors and flavors! Jelly Bean Facts: Did you know... There are about 400 jelly beans in a pound! There is a Jelly Bean University where you can major in Beanology. It takes 7 to 21 days to make [...]

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CLUB 45 talks about LOVE!

This week, we really delved into our study of the Fruits of the Spirit by focusing on the first one that the apostle Paul listed in Galatians 5:22-23.... LOVE! Before getting into our teaching time, though, we had to have some fun! The kids played all kinds of games during Club Time - basketball, football, ping pong and multiple board [...]

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Club 45 Fruits of the Spirit

What a great start to the Club 45 year! The night started out with "Club Time", where the kids get to pick from different games and activities: Apples to Apples, Connect Four, ping pong, football, basketball. Around 6:25pm, we all moved inside for group games; our weekly games & mixers are organized by our resident Mixmaster, Noreen Ippolito! All the [...]

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AWANA – BARF Night!!

BARF Night (aka Bring A Real Friend) This week's theme was BARF Night. This means that our AWANA kids can bring a real friend to enjoy all the AWANA fun! There were so many friends here of all ages and sizes! They got the true AWANA welcome when they played games, heard the message about a greater reward and learned some [...]

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AWANA and…chocolate!

Last night was Crazy Sock Night (and there were lots of wild and wacky socks!). More importantly, though, it was the first week of our series on CANDY! The candy of the week was....chocolate! The clubbers were thrilled to get to snack on M&Ms during table time - and I'm sure it helped them to memorize even more Bible verses! [...]

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Club 45 Kick Off!

We had more than 40 leaders and clubbers splashing the night away at our Club 45 Kick Off Pool Party last night! It was a great start to the year. We played group games and pool games, had pizza and popsicles - but mostly we just hung as a group getting to know each other and enjoying getting to swim for [...]

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AWANA Kick Off!

Our AWANA Kick Off last night was awesome! The Cove was packed with over 50 kindergarten through 3rd graders, who were loved and guided by 28 fearless AWANA leaders! In addition, we had 31 clubbers joining us for the very first time! It was so great to be able to share with them what AWANA is all about and what we get to [...]

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