Enjoy the Moment


On Saturday I gave my daughter away in marriage. There are so many details to take care of for an event like that. On top of all those duties my daughter asked me to officiate for her wedding. Leading up to … Continued

Relationship Rules


There have been millions of pages written about what wives wish their husbands knew and what husbands wished their wives knew.  Books written on what kids wished their parents knew and unlimited blogs written about what parents wished their kids … Continued

No talking


After graduation from Harvard Law School, Bryan Stevenson could have worked just about anywhere he choose.  Instead of going after big money at a top ten law firm, Bryan decided to move to Alabama and fight for those who couldn’t … Continued

How To Make Jesus Mad


For the past few posts I’ve been examining the different aspects of Jesus’ character in order to help us get to know him better. After all in order to emulate his character we need to know what characteristics that Jesus … Continued

Jesus Interrupted


In these weeks leading up to Easter, I’ve been trying to get to know Jesus better and have been closely examining different aspects of His character. Jesus has a lot of qualities that you would expect to find in the … Continued

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