Lizard Wizard Day

Our kids (and some adults;) enjoyed petting the snakes, turtles and lizards as we were blessed with a visit by The Lizard Wizard of San Diego in our Courtyard between services. Lizard Wizard Day Photo Gallery: [intense_button size="large" link="" target="_blank" icon="facebook-sign"]Click to view & share images on Facebook![/intense_button]

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My Story – Ashley

Ashley was only in 5th grade when her parents got divorced, and it was devastating for her. She found strength and support at CSC Club 45 youth group, and chose to accept Jesus into her heart. She drifted away from her faith as a teenager, but it was Oasis core group that brought her back to God. Watch her story [...]

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My Story – Austin

Austin had never realized what it was like to have a relationship with God - until his family came to Canyon Springs Church. His time at Oasis inspired him to help others globally, and inspire his peers locally. Watch his story to see how God helped change him from troubled teen into the youth pastor at CSC! I finally had [...]

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My Story – The Corletts

The Corletts thought that they had security, but that all changed with the collapse of the real estate market. Watch their story and see how Pastor Jack helped them to realize that true security comes from letting God be in control. This family shows us that when things feel like they're falling apart, faith can change your life. When I [...]

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My Story – Family in Crisis

Teenagers from Canyon Springs Church - including the Pastor's daughter, Paige - discuss their struggles with eating disorders. Watch their stories to see how they found strength in their faith, and learned how to overcome their challenges. These strong young women have shared their experiences so they can help others to heal! God has taught me I don't need to [...]

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