My Story – Ashley


Ashley was only in 5th grade when her parents got divorced, and it was devastating for her. She found strength and support at CSC Club 45 youth group, and chose to accept Jesus into her heart. She drifted away from … Continued

My Story – Austin


Austin had never realized what it was like to have a relationship with God – until his family came to Canyon Springs Church. His time at Oasis inspired him to help others globally, and inspire his peers locally. Watch his … Continued

My Story – The Corletts


The Corletts thought that they had security, but that all changed with the collapse of the real estate market. Watch their story and see how Pastor Jack helped them to realize that true security comes from letting God be in … Continued

My Story – Family in Crisis


Teenagers from Canyon Springs Church – including the Pastor’s daughter, Paige – discuss their struggles with eating disorders. Watch their stories to see how they found strength in their faith, and learned how to overcome their challenges. These strong young … Continued

My Story – John Ager


John Ager took the step of telling the world about his darkest hours of life, and how Jesus Christ has affected him. John shares his story of a lifetime struggle with alcohol, from his first drink at a young age … Continued

My Story – Jon LaBruzzo


Jon dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot his whole life, but God had other plans for him. Watch his story to see how his setbacks in pursuing that dream actually brought him closer to his faith. Jon’s experience is a … Continued

My Story – Karin Feeny


Karin seemed to have the perfect all-American life, but marital problems changed everything. After her divorce Karin rediscovered her faith and found that “the pain was deep, but the blessings were abundant”. Watch her story to see how God and … Continued

My Story – Matt


Matt’s life changed drastically when an injury cost him his college scholarship. He turned to drugs during this difficult time, and that led to him spending three years in prison. Once he was out, he joined Canyon Springs and has … Continued

My Story – Mark


Mark and his family have attended Canyon Springs Church for over 10 years, but it was a recent serious health issue that prompted him to change his life. Doctors did everything they could to save him, but ultimately his fate … Continued

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