My Story – The Corletts

The Corletts thought that they had security, but that all changed with the collapse of the real estate market. Watch their story and see how Pastor Jack helped them to realize that true security comes from letting God be in control. This family shows us that when things feel like they're falling apart, faith can [...]

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My Story – Family in Crisis

Teenagers from Canyon Springs Church - including the Pastor's daughter, Paige - discuss their struggles with eating disorders. Watch their stories to see how they found strength in their faith, and learned how to overcome their challenges. These strong young women have shared their experiences so they can help others to heal! God has taught [...]

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My Story – Jon LaBruzzo

Jon dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot his whole life, but God had other plans for him. Watch his story to see how his setbacks in pursuing that dream actually brought him closer to his faith. Jon's experience is a wonderful testament to how God uses our most difficult experiences to help bring us to [...]

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My Story – Karin Feeny

Karin seemed to have the perfect all-American life, but marital problems changed everything. After her divorce Karin rediscovered her faith and found that "the pain was deep, but the blessings were abundant". Watch her story to see how God and the CSC community helped her family to heal and move forward. It's a great reminder [...]

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My Story – Suki’s Haiti Mission Trip

Suki’s Mission Trip to Haiti was a transformative experience beyond her expectations. She speaks of how she expected it to change her, but she had no idea how big of an impact it would have on her life. Watch her story video to see how a pair of old shoes became a priceless gift to [...]

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