Hume Highlights!

When we said Hume was high energy, we weren’t joking! But hopefully your teenagers are beginning to get caught up on sleep from an amazing week at camp and have come out of their comas to begin to share stories. Whether they got a championship shirt or were just thrilled to not be last (we’re still proud of you freshmen boys and senior girls!), there were a whole lot of incredible moments from this week. For all the Hume highlights, you can check out our Hume SoCal album, and for access to all of Hume’s highlight videos and pictures, visit Hume SoCal’s media gallery.

God Showed Up

But as fun as it was, I’ll be honest: I expected God to do a lot in the lives of students—but not this much. Not only did we have at least 6 of our students give their life to the Lord for the first time, so many of our students made incredibly significant strides with their relationship with God. They engaged with chapel so passionately and attentively, and they wrestled with the Scriptures presented in real, life-changing ways.

Not only am I so proud of all these students, I’m in awe of God for how he blew the lid off of even my own expectations. To get a little glimpse of how students grew, check out our Victory Circle Story Highlight on Instagram. You’ll be able to see real responses from our students about what God did in their lives over the course of the week. 

Youth Sunday

And if you want to hear more stories of what happened at camp, then be sure to join us for church this week at 9 in Sycamore Canyon Park for Youth Sunday! You’ll get to hear interviews of students, more stories, and see a sneak peak of the forthcoming camp highlight videos. 

Sink or Swim

To keep this momentum going, we can’t be more excited to get the gang back together again this Wednesday, July 14, 6–8 pm, at the Lukes’ for our next Sink or Swim! You certainly don’t have to have gone to Hume to go, but if you did go, be ready to share what God has been doing since you’ve been home. Cost is $5 to cover the cost of food, and there is an optional online registration available for those who want to pay online. And don’t forget, we’ll back at the Lukes’ on Wednesday, July 28 for another round of swimming and Larry’s delicious grilling. 

See you Sunday!

Luke Angus

High School Pastor

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