Winter Wonderland at AWANA

Bundled up in scarves, mittens, hats and boots, our clubbers braved the cold to experience the winter wonderland at AWANA last night! (Let's be honest - we live in San Diego - we just cranked up the A/C!). :) We started the night with our Hikers (Kinder/1st graders) working through their handbooks at table time. Boy, were there a lot [...]

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AWANA is back!

All our leaders and clubbers were reunited last night to kick off our 2017 Winter/Spring session! The Cove was packed with 68 kindergarten through 3rd graders - and 16 of them were brand new clubbers joining us this session! In addition, there's the 28 volunteers that make this program happen; they give up their Wednesday evenings to pour into these kids, helping them [...]

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This week was PJ/Movie Night. It was a fun celebration to wrap up our fall session!  Our schedule was a little different than usual - and more fun (believe it or not?!) The clubbers started out doing table time and games, like usual. But instead of coming together for Counsel Time, we did an immediate switch where the Hikers went out to games and [...]

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AWANA and Iguanas

This week was Inside Out/Backwards Night. Just another reason to dress crazy and be silly! :)  During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy presented the pet of the week: IGUANA. This is not exactly a common pet but it has some interesting characteristics. Iguanas have exceptional eyesight that allows them to see shadows, colors and images from very long distances. One especially unique thing [...]

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AWANA Missions Night

This week was Missions Night. The clubbers were asked to dress "international" - and boy did they! We had so many countries represented: Egypt, Uganda, Haiti, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, China and, of course, the USA!  We did a few things to honor missions this week. First of all, several of our clubbers brought in their Christmas gifts for the kids in Tijuana, Mexico. [...]

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AWANA – Pastor Night

This week was Pastor Night, which means we had a special guest speaker (I wonder who it was?!). Stay tuned.. Game time, as always, was super fun! We even had to close the door because the teams were screaming so loud! Mr. John created a Halloween flavor by adding pumpkins to the game mix! During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy introduced the pet of [...]

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Superhero Night Recap!

This week was SUPERHERO NIGHT! We had visits from Captain America, Batman, Superman, SideSwipe, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Spidergirl, Iron Man - and so many others! Boy, the powers were flowing through the Cove! I'm sure that's why there were even more verses memorized this week! :) Game time was magical too - they played over/under with the oversized bouncy balls and then [...]

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AWANA Recap – Oct. 5th

This week was Team Color Night! The Cove was a sea of red, blue, green and yellow! Our tables were a little more full this week as we have a few clubbers from BARF night last week that have decided to join us every week; we’re so excited about that! During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy introduced the pet of the week: GUINEA [...]

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BARF Night was a raging success - not because all of our clubbers got sick (ha! ha!), but because we had SO many "real friends" join us! The Cove was jam packed with over 100 clubbers, friends and leaders! During Table Time, Ms. Betsy called all the "friends" to the stage and told them about Awana, what we do each week [...]

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AWANA Recap 9/21

Last night was Animal Night - and boy was it a zoo?! :) Really, though, it felt like we WERE at the Canyon Springs Zoo - with zebras, flamingos, kangaroos, butterflies, bunnies, sharks, parrots, pandas, penguins, and lots of kitty cats! Thankfully, the invasion of animals didn't deter our clubbers from earning lots of awards! We had quite a few [...]

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