Alpine Middle School Winter Camp 2017 Recap!

Alpine 2017 was a blast. There was a ton of snow this year so that made for even more activities than usual. It was great watching all of our San Diegans struggle to reconcile how to survive in the snow. Looking around the camp, you could tell that our kids were very unprepared as they walked around in Vans and [...]

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Winter X High School Winter Camp 2017 Recap!

Winter x 2017 was a great success. We had so much fun and there was a TON of snow. The new snowboarders and skiers seemed to pick it up pretty quick and everyone had a really good time. The highlight for me is always being a part of God's work that he is doing in the lives of our students. [...]

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Houseboats High School Summer Camp 2016 Recap!

Houseboats 2016 was a huge success. This was the second Houseboat trip for Canyon Springs church and boy did word spread about this trip. We went from 75 high schoolers this year to 115. When planning this trip I set the goal for 100 kids. To see this many kids want to come to this camp was quite amazing. It [...]

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Micah and Corinna

Dear Canyon Springs families, As most of you know Micah Diaz, our Assistant Youth Director is getting married this next week. I'm guessing most of you were probably like me when you got married. It wasn't the new waffle iron or China setting that got me most excited when I opened wedding gifts. It was those little envelopes that had [...]

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Crazy Connect Recap

  CRAZY CONNECT was so much fun. We are so pumped to have our 5th graders coming up into Oasis. We got to play some games and do small groups together. Here is a recap of what we learned: -Rejoice means to go back to Joy -Transitions are scary and it is okay to get anxious or nervous -If you use [...]

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I Am Waiting Recap

I AM WAITING was a total hit. We had 130 students show up to hear about why we should wait to have sex. Thank you guys for coming out and hearing what the bible says about these topics. I hope that you really got something out of this talk and it will spark up some good conversations amongst yourselves and with [...]

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Student Leadership Recap

  Thanks to all the student leaders that have been coming out once a month to get more involved in Oasis. You guys are really bringing a lot to the ministry and I think God is going to use this group in some big ways. Just to recap yesterday we talked about stress and mentorship.   First, it is important [...]

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Lets Talk About Sex

Tonight, at Canyon Springs, we are starting a campaign called, “I Am Waiting.” It is a campaign centered on teaching our young people about sexual intimacy. We are doing this because our world is screaming at them something completely different. The world our young ones are growing up in is drastically different from the days of I Love Lucy. Our [...]

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The Oasis Vision For Your Family

Hey Everyone, here is an email I sent out to our incoming 6th grade parents. This is the same thoughts I shared when I first came to Canyon Springs at our parents night. I think this is a great reminder on what Oasis is all about. Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The bible does not say much about when Jesus was a Middle [...]

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Oasis In The Water Newsletter April 2016

Hey Everyone, Attached is the In the Water for April 2016. We have all of our events and program for the Summer in this newsletter. WANT TO BE A PART OF THE EMAIL LIST? EMAIL CHAD@CANYONSPRINGS.ORG AND SAY, "IN THE WATER."   Here are a couple things that did not make it that we need help with. Sink or Swim: We [...]

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