Houseboats 2019 was truly the best trip I have had with Canyon Springs. We had great weather, no storms, no injuries and God moved powerfully in the lives of students, leaders and staff.

“But this camp, I feel like I can be real”

My favorite story from Houseboats was the conversation I had with three students. They were talking about how they go to a couple different camps in the summer. I asked, “Why do you come to this one?” One of the girls looked at me and said, “I have a lot of fun at the other camps. I connect with God and always make some new friends. But this camp, I feel like I can be real.” I wanted to know more as I replied, “Why do you feel like that way here?” She answered, “Because my leaders are authentic and real and it makes our group feel like we can share anything.”

If our church and this youth group is known for THAT…..For being a real place where kids can talk about what is really going on in their life then I am all in. Sign me up.

For many kids church never really seemed like a fun place. I am grateful that in this community Oasis is seen as not just the fun church but also real. My goal is for every kid to come into our doors and feel the presence of Jesus, the presence of a friend and the presence of authenticity. I truly believe that kids come on this trip not just for the fun stuff but because they know and have heard that if they go on this trip they will have an interaction with God. I see it. I see kids unplugging and pushing into Jesus in a way they never have before. I think that’s because on this trip they are reaching out to God and they are feeling God reaching back. Now, the hard work comes. Our discipleship does not end on Houseboats:

  • Now the leaders are working to connect with the 6 kids that accepted Jesus to start talking to them about what it truly means to follow Christ
  • Leaders are reaching out to their students that made new friends and trying to keep them plugged in to this positive community

Please pray for our ministry as we prepare for the school year and pray that the students would consistently see Jesus working in their life and not just at a camp.