“Monster” Series Begins!  

Have you ever said something or done something so terrible that it shocked you? Perhaps you were furious with a friend who betrayed you, so to take revenge, you shared their darkest secret with someone. Or maybe you got upset in a pick-up basketball game, lost your cool and literally punched someone. Seriously, what’s up with us?

Listen, you’re not the only one. We all have moments like this. We call them monster moments. It’s like we have a monster inside of us that occasionally takes control and says or does something that we instantly regret.  Why does this happen and what can we do about it? Monster is a series about how to deal with our monster moments.

We will also have some crazy, monster fun!!  Bring a friend!

Covid Protocol:    We are following CDC guidelines for SD county, recommending masks indoors for unvaccinated individuals. Students will be expected to follow their parents guidance in this matter. 


CITY SEARCH IS COMING!!!!    10/28/21, 7-9pm.

We are going to be hopping in vehicles (with adult drivers) and search our city to find answers to clues.  Pizza, prizes, costume contest and much more.  INVITE A FRIEND!!!



Baptisms–Sunday, October 24th.

If your student would like to be baptized (or anyone in your family), please have them speak to Jilane on Thursday or reach out to her at:  [email protected].

Parents, Can you help?  

I have discovered that many of our students/leaders are coming straight from school/sports and having some snacks available at Oasis is important.  I could use COSTCO/SMART AND FINAL size boxes of granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. and CASES OF  SMALL WATER  bottles

Also, large candy bars and packs of small individual candy (ie. starbursts and jolly rogers) are great for our games/competitions.  Please drop off with your student.

If you would like to be included on our “parent volunteers”  list please email Tamrin (Oasis Middle administrator)  @   [email protected]

It takes a village!

I’m Lovin’ Oasis Middle!!

Jilane Hawkins

You can text or email! (858-740-4923, [email protected])

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