And that’s a wrap!

WOW!! It felt GOOD to get back to AWANA this year after a year hiatus due to Covid.  We started the year off in a series called “Level Up!” Kids journeyed through the book of Exodus. This video game-themed series encouraged our kids in their quests to grow spiritually. Our AWANA kids took a look at the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land and were challenged to Level Up. 

Some of the stories we learned in this series were: 

  • Crossing of the Red Sea
  • Waters of Marah
  • Manna and Quail
  • The Tabernacle
  • The Death of Moses
  • The Fall of Jericho


In our LEVEL UP SERIES we learned God fights for us, we should trust God instead of complaining, God provides for our needs, and to do everything as if you are doing it for God! 

Our kids worked HARD and learned a bunch of memory verses.  We also enjoyed our memory verse songs including CRUSH (Psalm 34:18) and TRUST IN THE LORD (Proverbs 3:5-6)! 


During our Winter Season we were in a series called Not So Secret Agents. In this series we adventured with the first Christian Missionaries. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his disciples a mission. These men and women went from being just Jesus’ friends and followers to also being his not-so-secret agents. As God’s agents, they were tasked with telling everyone the good news of how much God loves the world. Even today, those who follow Jesus are his agents, on that same mission – to share the good news of Jesus with the world.

In our Not So Secret Agents series, our AWANA kids learned that their faith in Jesus should not be kept a secret. In this series we studied the book of Acts and learned that our assignment is to share the good news of Jesus. Some of the stories we heard were:

  • The pentecost
  • The stoning of Stephen
  • The church scattered
  • Philip and the Ethiopian
  • Peter and Cornelius

In this series, we learned that that Holy Spirit gives us strength and helps us to serve Jesus, how God can use bad things for His glory, that God will use us anytime and anywhere if we are willing, and God can do the impossible.

We learned a new memory verse song this session from Romans 1:16 and had a BLAST at games!! Mr. John is always coming up with the most awesome relay races, jumping and running games, and the kids even had fun with water balloons! Our AWANA kids learned how to be good sports on and off the field and how we shine the love of Jesus through good sportsmanship.


Check out some of our fun moments from AWANA:


Awards night was a blast!! We were able to celebrate our kids for all their hard work they put in throughout the year. We had 24 clubbers complete books this year. Our AWANA clubbers memorized over 700 memory verses this year. That is over 700 verses that will be hidden in the hearts of our kids so when sin comes along they will know how to handle it and be strengthened. 

At awards night we had the opportunity to celebrate our kids for completing books, having perfect (and near perfect attendance), being good sports, and honored our 3rd graders who will be promoted to Club 45 next year. 

Here’s a wrap up video to celebrate our year: