San Diego Rescue Mission is truly grateful for the over fifty brand-new backpacks with bibles and goodies!   Canyon Springs Church stepped up once again and made a difference. We now know that God has so much in store for ALL of us.

The Story of A Big God & the Little Red Backpack

Recently we hosted a tour of SDRM. This was also a time when Canyon Springs delivered the MANY backpacks & bibles donated from your Bible & Backpack campaign! SDRM Lead, Vicki, had put on a red backpack from the donation pile as she conducted the tour. During the tour, we met Christine. As Vicki passed by, Christine told Vicki that she thought the backpack was beautiful. Vicki instantly took off the backpack and gave it to Christine. Christine was overcome with emotion and began to cry. We could see the backpack meant a lot to her, but just how much it meant, I did not find out until I received a letter from Christine!

How amazing! The little red backpack had brought joy to someone that needed……a little joy. The Canyon Springs Bible in a Backpack campaign was a success, if even for just one person…….Christine. See Christine’s note to us below!

God is truly amazing! How he orchestrates even the little things in our lives is difficult to comprehend. God inspired someone to buy THAT backpack for CHRISTINE, knowing it would bring her JOY and good memories! Just amazing!

The little things we do REALLY can make a HUGE difference to someone else. Amen! If that is one backpack story, can you imagine what happens when they all find homes? Also, the purchaser of the backpack will be delighted. We discovered that the young son of Katie Mandalia selected the famous red backpack. God used so many people to bring joy to one person!

We also discovered that Christine hopes to find a “Walk with Me Friend” for her time at the mission. Canyon Springs’ own Jane Lattarulo felt the tug on her heart and offered to be Christine’s Walk with Me, Friend. She is currently completing the application process. I have included a FLYER about the program. We have permission to share Christine’s picture and letter.

Additional Opportunities with SDRM

  • May 20, 2023, is GRADUATION 2023 at San Diego Rescue Mission.  Everyone is invited. I have attached a FLYER and a short VIDEO from last fall’s graduation.
  • We are planning a Rooftop Playground Event at the Mission for children and their parents  – hopefully, July, Independence Day themed. More info to follow . . .
  • We are also planning to refresh a room at the Mission.  The room we planned to refresh is getting a complete remodel. Amen! Looking for another space.

Reach out to me if you would like a tour of the San Diego Rescue Mission or are interested in participating in one of our upcoming events!

Caroline Grondin / (858) 349-9001


Check out additional photos from our amazing events!