This Week

We have NO midweeks instead we have GAG night! Make sure your students reach out to their leaders for the details of what their group is doing. Gag (GIRLS AND GOD/GUYS AND GOD) night is a night where the students do something fun with their leaders outside of church. If you do not know what their group is doing and your students cannot get the details then just text me 949-335-2101. Most of the students should know what their group is doing by now as the leaders have been communicating it to them.

Next Week

We are back on for regular midweeks at the cove!

New series: We are starting our new series IDK (I dont know) on October 13th in Oasis. This is a series that we will answer students questions about faith, the Bible and God.

On the Radar

CITY SEARCH is back! We have our annual Halloween Event, City Search, coming up. The date is October 23rd so make sure your students save the date. This is an epic scavenger hunt around Scripps Ranch AND we have a costume contest.

Winter Camp Dates: February 14-17, 2020. 

Summer Camp Houseboats Dates: July 12-17, 2020.

Winning at Home

Every week I hope to provide you with something to help you win at home. Some weeks you will get a recap of the Sunday message with questions to continue the conversation at home. Other weeks I will share a blog or article I run into that I think may be valuable to you. Who knows, some weeks you’ll get both!!

Recap of Sex Series Panel

Our last week of the Sex Series was incredible. We had a panel join us and answer questions. We invited two of our leaders that are married, my wife Megan and a Male leader.

Some of the big questions that were asked and how we answered them:

Q: How do you know when you have found the one?

A: There really is no such thing as soul mates. Actually, we find people to become soul mates with. God is much more creative than to just put ONE person on the earth that you are compatible with. So, you do not find a soulmate but you find someone to become soulmates with.

Q: Is sex a really big part of marriage?

A: It is not as big in a marriage as you grow up thinking. In the church especially, we grow up thinking that when we get married that our sex life is going to be magical. It is good and it is great but its not nearly as big in a marriage as other things are. Communication and serving each other seem way more important than the sex part of marriage.

Q: What would you say to someone that has been sexually abused?

A: It is not your fault and whatever happened to you was a decision of the other person. It was not your fault and if you have any guilt or shame from it you need to throw that out because God is with you in your pain. Most importantly, you must talk to someone about it. Wether that is your parents or a counselor. You need to talk to someone about it. I know it is scary to talk to your parents about it but they love you almost as much as God does. Their love is just below His ;) so they want to be with you in this. If you stuff it down it will take way longer to heal from. Talk to someone you trust and not just someone your age but someone that is a mentor that is a little further along in life.

This was an impactful series with our students and I pray the conversation gets continued at home.


I am praying and rooting for you and your family,

Chad Richards

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