This Week

We have MIDWEEKS at the cove from 730-9PM. We are continuing our current series called, “Not a Fan.” It is all about understanding what it means to be a follower of Jesus and not just a fan.

On Sunday we are finishing our series where we will hear from myself and some student leaders about “Sacrifice.”

Camp Signups are LIVE!! 

You can register and get all the details for Winter X High School Winter Camp by clicking HERE.

We only have 90 spots and this trip WILL sell out so register ASAP!

Next Week

We have no midweeks. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We will resume Midweeks on December 4th. 

We have our Christmas Party on December 10th and then we will have a break for the rest of December.

On the Radar

Remember you can always access our full FALL calendar HERE

Winning at Home

***This section will always have something for YOU as the parent. It may be a blog I read somewhere or an article from the internet. Sometimes it will be something from me directly or a recap of a current message we went through at church***

Here is a great article on Thanksgiving that I found helpful!

5 Tips on reducing the stress level of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a treasured holiday in the lives of most American families. Yet, because of the tendency to romanticize Thanksgiving Days gone by, we can set the bar of expectation so high that we’re bound to experience stress when the reality doesn’t match up to the expectation.

Here are five tips on reducing the stress level of Thanksgiving Day:

1. Manage Your Traditions. Thanksgiving family traditions are great, but if not managed, we can end up serving the tradition rather than the tradition serving us. So don’t make the location or menu items the heart of your traditions. Rather, focus on the traditions of the heart: the relationships you get to renew each Thanksgiving Day, the conversations, the laughter, and the love.

2. Acknowledge the Truth: There is No “Perfect” Thanksgiving. Give up pursuing the dream of a perfect Thanksgiving. It doesn’t exist. Fortunately, perfection isn’t required for a “happy” Thanksgiving. When something goes awry, as it inevitably will, how you respond to the situation will determine your stress level.

3. Evaluate Your Expectations. There’s nothing wrong with having expectations. Knowing what they are can help you adjust them to be more in line with reality. So, here are four questions: 1) What are you planning? 2) Why are you planning it? 3) Is it meaningful? 4) Is it reasonable to believe you can accomplish what you are planning?

4. Create Some Margin. Hosting Thanksgiving at your home is no “holiday.” While it may be a labor of love, it’s still labor! The person or persons most responsible often get run ragged. Carve out some space for yourself by sharing responsibilities.

5. Don’t Take the Bait! Most every family has at least one member who loves to stir the pot and push others’ buttons. And it seems that T-Day is often the pot-stirring, button-pushing high holy holiday. Expect that some snarky comment will be made. Let it go, or make light of it. These comments are almost always an exercise in fishing. Remember, the fish that gets hooked, is the fish that takes the bait.


I am praying and rooting for you and your family,

Chad Richards

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