Making clear the blurry things of faith

There are a lot of things in faith that are blurry and hard to understand. If God is so loving why did He create evil? What really is Heaven? Is Hell a place where you actually go to physically? Maybe you dont really care about God and these questions are the foundation to your doubt. Maybe you consider yourself a Christian and you have never really wrestled with some of the tougher subjects of faith. In the next several weeks we want to go through some of the blurry topics of faith and help you understand them in a transformational way so you enter 2020 with a healthier 20/20 view of God.

Series Schedule

Join us for this amazing 7-week series designed to help answer some of the “blurriest” questions about faith.

  • 12/24 What the World’s Not Telling You About Christmas
  • 12/29 What The Heaven!?
  • 1/5 Why Can’t I Change?
  • 1/12 I Don’t Need Church
  • 1/19 Does Christianity have aMonopoly on Salvation?
  • 1/26 So, Your “Loving God” Created Evil
  • 2/2 A Mute God

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t really go to church, why should I check this series out?

Hey, we totally get that you are not super into church. Thats okay. Most of the people that attend our church didn’t really grow up in the church or attend much either. However, a lot of them have started following God and it has made a huge difference in their life. We think you should check this series out because we are going to answer questions about GOD that maybe you have always had. We would love to hang with ya. Oh and your wife told us to send you this…

I consider myself a Christian, how will this series help me?

Many Christians really do not have adequate answers for many of the topics we are going to cover. If you had a friend ask you, “Did God create evil?” Would you know how to answer it? Most Christians would be intimidated by a question like that and it is totally normal. We want to equip you throughout this series to answer some of these tough theological questions.

Is there childcare at the service?

Yes! One thing our church prides itself in is the safety of our kids. When you come to the 8:30 or 10:30 service, stop by our Kids City check-in kiosk to get your kid all set up. Give yourself an extra 5 minutes for this. Learn More Here and also Here.

I’m new, is there anything I need to know before showing up?

Heres what you need to know: Our church is casual, upbeat, community oriented and our people love love love Jesus but not in a weird way… Everyone is welcome! You do not need to believe what we believe in order to come and hang with us. We want Canyon Springs to be a place where you can come wrestle with faith, doubt God and ask questions. We just believe there are some pretty good answers out there.

Learn More About Canyon Springs at Starting Point

Whether you are brand new to Canyon Springs or have attended for a while – if you want to learn more about us, then Starting Point is for you. Join some of our staff and other church members, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or breakfast snack, and learn more about us in a casual and friendly setting. Find out when the next Starting Point Breakfast is Here.