This Week

Midweeks are on for this Wednesday at the Cove from 730-9PM. A lot of students have finals so we will be having some extended worship and prayer to give them some space to relax.

Camp Signups are LIVE!! 

You can register and get all the details for Winter X High School Winter Camp by clicking HERE.

Itinerary and packing list coming soon!

Balances are due by 2/1/2020

Next Week

Next WED instead of a regular midweek we are having a night of worship lead by the San Diego Christian Band. It will be from 730-9PM at the Cove.

On the Radar

We have our 2020 Spring Calendar LIVE. You can access it by clicking HERE. 

This calendar has everything up until our last small group in MAY

Houseboats dates are solidified and it is July 12th-17th.

Winning at Home (this was the same post as last week but I wanted to give you one more chance to read it before we take it down!)

***This section will always have something for YOU as the parent. It may be a blog I read somewhere or an article from the internet. Sometimes it will be something from me directly or a recap of a current message we went through at church***

Why Camp?

With camp sign ups still going on, I thought it would be good for me to share the vision and heart of these camps. Here are the benefits of sending your kid to camp. Honestly, I get it. Christmas just happened, and now your kid wants to go on this camp. I know how tight budgets can be this time of year, but I want to encourage you to send your kid to camp if they are not signed up. Here’s why:

1.) Kids get disconnected during the holidays, camp reconnects them

During the holidays there are so many breaks and so much time off. We take a month off of Oasis during that time, so naturally, kids get disconnected. January-March are the lowest attendance for midweeks and church. Kids get in a rhythm of not going and start to like that rhythm. Camp will reconnect them to their friends at church and their leaders. We want kids choosing church over unhealthy things in life, so getting them into a rhythm of connection is vast!

2.) 3 months of ministry in a short weekend

Our leaders only get to see students for a couple of hours a week. If you add up the amount of time they get with the students on these trips, they are getting three months with their students over a short weekend. The students get more rooted in their conversations as we require each student to have a one on one talk with a leader. This is a massive deal for the students’ relationship with their leader. We do not take chaperones; we bring leaders. The adults attending are the same adults that are with the students for their high school career.

3.) Camp ignites a student’s heart for the Lord

Camp brings kids back into the presence of God. Sure, there is a lot of fun at camp, but the spiritual things they encounter at camp are powerful because when you get that many people in a room together chasing after God, powerful things happen.

4.) Students make more friends 

Every year I hear stories of new friendships that are made. They live with people they may not know for four days, so naturally, new friendships are formed. I want my kids making friends at church. I am sure you do too.

5.) Students create lifelong memories 

Your students will get to go to Utah and explore a beautiful part of the country. This year they even have the option to go to Zion National Park, which is one of the top-rated national parks in the world. Your students will gain a lifelong memory and look back on these trips as really great times of their youth.

Listen, I know it’s an expensive season right now, and I know your kid is going to want to come on Houseboats too. I always tell parents, take it one trip at a time. God will provide the finances for Houseboats, and he will take care of you guys. If your student wants to go, let’s get them signed up. You may not see CRAZY life change in one weekend, but I am confident that you will see the fruit of sending them to camp throughout their years as a High Schooler. If finances are tight this season, please reach out to me about scholarships, but if you can swing it, I know it may be a stretch, I think it’s worth it.


I am praying and rooting for you and your family,

Chad Richards

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