Canyon Springs Church! Are you ready to reconnect?

As we emerge from our isolation, many of us are anxious to gather. Seeking human connection, we are hitting the beaches, going to restaurants and ready to get back to church.

Some of us are more cautious. Not wanting to see a spike in cases of Covid-19, we are urging friends to continue to practice physical distancing even as we increase our social engagement. Anxious or cautious, we all need to reconnect with each other in healthy ways that keep each other safe physically and help each other feel safe emotionally.

We need real community. That happens better in small groups than large crowds. As much as we all love being together with everyone, the most important thing we can do right now is reconnect with each other deeply. That happens better in smaller groups.

Let’s Start Our Reconnection In Our Neighborhoods!

Rather than rushing to open a temporary facility like our Cove or trying to get back into Marshal Middle School, our church will focus on reconnecting in homes, cul-de-sacs and backyards. Not only is it safer than gathering in crowds, it is the quickest way to the real community we long for.

We are launching neighborhood church. This is easy. Grab some friends, your small group or some family and have church together. It could be in your house, in your backyard or on your street.

Interested In Hosting A Group?

If you’re interested in hosting a neighborhood group for Sunday Service reach out to Pastor Chad at [email protected]!

Chad will guide you with a few tips to prepare your space and provide a couple of questions related to the message for your group to talk through. Keep in mind, you do not need to invite your group into your home to view the service, you can invite them into your cul-de-sac, or backyard and “listen” to the service!

In the mean time, we need connection. We need fellowship. So let’s start in your homes. Let’s get outside. And let’s be the church together in this season of reconnecting.

Sunday Service Message Questions

We will provide a few Sunday Service Message questions that you can share with your neighborhood group while viewing or listening to our service!

With Grace and Extra Space,
Your Staff at Canyon Springs

Check out Pastor Jack & Pastor Chad’s vision for our next phase of Neighborhood Church!