Generally, when posts and memes and tee-shirts reference 2020, they 1) point to how hard this year has been and 2) include one or more swear words to make the point. I have had more than a few moments when I have felt similar feelings about the world we live in now. Pandemic, racial tension, political unrest. I can understand if you feel like you can’t wait for this year to end. No one could foresee this.

There is one fact that you and I should have been able to foresee. You can’t stop Jesus! Never has this verse been more accurate, “A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9” God has undoubtedly directed our steps this last year.

Church Online and Church In-Person

When we couldn’t meet in person, we learned how to meet online. Thanks to the team for shifting their jobs to become movie producers! Because of their efforts, not only were we able to reach the people of Canyon Springs, but we were also able to expand our borders with people watching from as far as Djibouti, East Africa.

When we couldn’t meet indoors, we created our church outdoors in a parking lot at Alliant University and then at Stonebridge Park. Thank you, Rob Sobie, for setting up 15 easy ups and creating the Sobie Sanctuary every week!

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry saw the struggle parents had to balance work and Zoom school for their kids and invited families with children to attend our Kid City Club. Parents receive a much-deserved break allowing time for creating new spiritual rhythms, and the kids have an opportunity to safely socialize, catch up on homework, and participate in worship through music and bible stories. Our afternoons at Kid City Club have been at max capacity with consistent attendance! At least four kids from Kid City Club have prayed with their leader and accepted Jesus as their Savior for the first time. Our Kid City Club’s benefits transition into the home of the families, as a weekly devotional is provided for parents to do at home with the kids.

Our Children’s Ministry also moved VBS this summer to backyards around San Diego, with 90 kids in attendance!


We canceled our Middle School Camps due to the pandemic. They held a virtual camp with camp games in the park, a Zoom camp meeting with worship, a speaker, and a trip to Forest Home Camp so our Middle School kids could volunteer their time to clean up the camp we couldn’t attend. Our High School continues to minister to students in prayer and partnership.  Through this commitment, they have a newly formed Oasis Student Ministry Team. With their help, we have been able to return to The Cove outdoors and recapture the excitement and experience of OASIS Midweeks.


We canceled our mission trips due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop our Missions Ministry and volunteers from celebrating ten years in Haiti this summer and raising $15,000 to pay the teachers in Good Rest School and keep it open for the next year.

Benevolent Funds

When the pandemic hit, I feared for our finances—just being honest. Not only has God taken care of us financially through this, but the people of Canyon Springs have raised over $25,000 to take care of needs in our community that has arisen from the pandemic. People have suffered this season, but you made it possible for us to write big checks to help make a difference in people’s lives in need. Thank you for exercising your giving gift. Wow!

Thank You!

This season has had a way of showing us all what’s essential, and there is no more important message than this one. You can’t stop Jesus! Jesus has a way of taking our most difficult times and bringing good to them. He certainly has at Canyon Springs.

Thank you for joining with God through Canyon Springs to make a difference in our community during the bumpy road of 2020.  Can I ask you to consider making a year-end gift supporting what God is doing at Canyon Springs as we close this year? Our God-given mission for reaching people for Jesus hasn’t changed, and it won’t change in 2021. Canyon Springs is poised to bring the power of Jesus’ message to our community. You cant stop Jesus!

Enjoy a video that brings us down the Covid-19 memory lane!

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