Serving Our Local Communities

When you volunteer locally, you get to interact with your entire community of people. People in our local communities will usually have vastly different stories and backgrounds. We receive a gift when we expand our world even 20 miles and receive the blessing of serving Him by serving others. You do not need to go across the country to be on mission sometimes you just have to go across the street.

While many of these opportunities are so easy to do they are actually making a great impact. Sure, you may be just donating some clothes for an interview but what we do not realize is that your donation is actually being used by someone as they seek to get a job that they have desperately needed. Your donation is more than just cleaning out your closet, all we have to do is connect the dots to how God is using it. The Kingdom connecting dots are endless and your service is going to be making an eternal impact on the lives of many.


Seeds of Hope’s purpose is to serve and support the refugee families that live in the City Heights and surrounding areas. The primary focus is to enlighten, support, teach, and guide these kids and families. Melissa Drake started a non-profit a few years ago. One of Melissa’s primary missions in recent months has been to try to get some of these kids who have demonstrated motivation and have so much potential – on a sound education track. Most of them are significantly behind, are in terrible school environments, and have little to no support at home.

Melissa has managed to get two sweet boys – Iman and Mishaki – into a private elementary school in Mira Mesa, Christ the Cornerstone. She has several other children she is working to connect to schools in our area!

These are the needs and they are so simple!

1. We could use help with the additional tuition for them to attend there.
2. Drivers to drive kids home after school. (They live in City Heights)
3. Provide lunches for these kids. You have the option to purchase them through their lunch program or to drop off lunch.

Additional serving opportunities with Seeds of Hope:

  1. Volunteer as a teacher’s aide at a homeschool group with these kids. 8-10:30 or 10:30-1:00 in Encinitas.
  2. Help provide lunches/snacks for kids in homeschool/pod.
  3. Help with uniform shirts; $16 per shirt for 8 children. Each child needs 3.
  4. Share your gift or passion. We would like to have an enrichment class 2 times a week. If you would like to teach/ share your skillset for a day. (Art, Robotics, Sewing, Woodwork, etc.)
  5. Financial donations to help pay for teacher and other classroom needs/supplies.
  6. Tutoring

Feel free to reach out to Melissa Drake ([email protected]) and visit their website Seeds of Hope!

This organization fosters a Christ-centered environment by equipping those in need to move forward with hope by providing essential services to the homeless, urban poor, veterans, and those recently released from prison in a safe, home-like setting where people are treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.

How Can You Help? Clean Out Your Closet!

New Day Urban Ministries is a great place to donate new and gently-used clothes and know that will go directly to San Diego’s homeless and those in need!

Men’s Clothing – We are looking for Men’s Clothes (jackets, pants, shoes and interview attire.)

Women’s Clothing – It would be a great help to receive tennis shoes, jackets, practical clothing, sweaters/sweatshirts (modest is important due to trafficking concerns).

Warm Blankets – All shapes and sizes!

High Demand Items – Donations of new socks, underwear, travel size hygiene and feminine products are most appreciated! These are the items that are in the most demand at homeless centers and there are never enough in supply.

Feel free to reach out to New Day directly about donations ([email protected]) and visit their website New Day Urban Ministries!

Please spend some time in prayer over these serving opportunities. For additional information on our Missions Ministry, please visit our Missions Ministry page.

Questions? Contact Jilane Hawkins at [email protected]