THIS THURSDAY, October 4,  Different Locations/Different times!!

Students will meet with their small groups and enjoy “GAG” night–which stands for Girls/Guys and God.  See times and locations below:   

6th Grade Girls:  5-8pm, Movie (Miracles from Heaven) and Pizza! Riley Cox’s home:  11484 Caminito Elado, 92131

6th Grade Boys: Rockinjump!  Meet at the Cove @ 5 -7:15pm    Fill out waiver online at

7th Grade Girls:  Pizza at the Park!  7-8:30pm @ Scripps Ranch Community Park

7th Grade Boys:  Pizza Nite! 7-8:30pm at the Filkey home:  9720 Caminito Pudregal, 92131

NEW PLACE:  8th Grade Girls:  6-8pm at Mia Eghtedari’s home:  11658 Aspendell Dr.  92131

8th Grade Boys:  7-8:30pm at the Sedgwick home:  11846 Pickford Rd. 92131


Covid Protocol:    We are following CDC guidelines for SD county, recommending masks indoors for unvaccinated individuals. Students will be expected to follow their parents guidance in this matter. 


“Experience Haiti” challenge is this week.

Last Thursday you students were challenged to look outside themselves and think about those living in Haiti.  We did this through a video of a former team that went to Haiti, hearing from Martino who came to San Diego from Haiti 2 years ago and discussing in small groups how life is different in developing countries.  Our whole church is being challenged to experience Haiti this week through daily challenges.  If you and your student would like to participate, all the the information is HERE:

Baptisms–Sunday, October 24th.

If your student would like to be baptized (or anyone in your family), please have them speak to Jilane on Thursday or reach out to her at:  [email protected].

Parents, Can you help?  

I have discovered that many of our students/leaders are coming straight from school/sports and having some snacks available at Oasis is important.  I could use COSTCO/SMART AND FINAL size boxes of granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. and CASES OF  SMALL WATER  bottles

Also, large candy bars and packs of small individual candy (ie. starbursts and jolly rogers) are great for our games/competitions.  Please drop off with your student.

If you would like to be included on our “parent volunteers”  list please email Tamrin (Oasis Middle administrator)  @   [email protected]

It takes a village!

I’m Lovin’ Oasis Middle!!

Jilane Hawkins

You can text or email! (858-740-4923, [email protected])

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