Well, we completed the second day of our VBS experience and getting CREATIVE! Our campers have stayed focused on our mission and live into being CREATED, DESIGNED, and EMPOWERED by God! Today we saw some awesome dress up costumes including rockstars, painters, bakers, dancers, artists, scientists, and more!

Our campers were very busy at all the rotations today! Did you see the harp your child made during craft? The kids loved their time at rec the last couple of days with tug of war games, relay races, water games, and slip and slides. Our song and dance time was spent learning the song “Designed by God” with lots of fun dance moves and plenty of giggles in the auditorium.

Through all the events, we continued learning about who Jesus is and what He can do for us. On day 1 we learned that God is the marvelous Creator, and learned about how David praised God, the creator.  Today, we learned that God uniquely designed us for His purpose.  We learned about how God prepared David to be a King. God sent the prophet Samuel to the home of a man named Jesse to anoint the next King of Israel. Samuel met seven of Jesse’s sons, but none of them was God’s choice. Then, Samuel met Jesse’s youngest son, David, who had been taking care of the sheep. God knew David’s heart. God knew David loved Him and would follow His plan. God’s Spirit gave David the power to follow God’s plan. Meanwhile, King Saul was very worried. He sent for David to come to the palace. David would play his lyre and Saul would feel better. While serving King Saul, David learned how to be a king. God used David’s job taking care of the sheep and his time working with King Saul to help David be ready to be the king of Israel.

Thank you to all the kids that brought money today for the kids of Iglesia de Christo in Tijuana! We were quite busy collecting money and distributing bracelets this morning! We were so anxious to see who raised more money (boys or girls) and how many pancake stacks we would get! At the end of the day, we celebrated that the GIRLS brought in enough money for TWO stacks of pancakes. But the BOYS brought in even more money and contributed THREE pancake stacks! I bet we can get even more this week! Our friends in Mexico will be so grateful to get to attend breakfast and bible stories with our generous donations. Please encourage your kids to do small chores/jobs around the house – or maybe you have a coin jar they can raid?!

If you or your family are interested in joining us for our VBS Mexico trip this Saturday to visit the kids of Iglesia de Christo and provide them with a taste of the fun that we’ve had this week, please go online and register HERE!!!

Lastly, make sure your kids are practicing their memory verses! Our memory verse for the week is:

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Tomorrow kids can wear their regular Spark Studio Shirts. On THURSDAY we will have crazy, color spirit day. Kids can come dressed head to toe in their group color!

Until tomorrow,

Your Emcees Lesley Hyatt & Jobie Taber

P.S. Use Hashtag #CSCVBS2022 on all of your pictures so we can share in your fun!

Hopefully you are all listening to the CD and learning the words to all the VBS songs! Or you have downloaded them on your Spotify or Apple Music (see QR codes below)!

Check out a few of today’s shots…