It’s official Camp Season is over!

Enjoy a recap of our High School Houseboats Event!

We had such a blast in mid July taking our High School students to Lake Mead for our Houseboats trip!

It was my first time going on this trip, and even though there is so much going into planning a camp like this, it was all very worth it because of the way Jesus showed up, as He always does.

We had a student who went to houseboats merely looking to hang out with their friends and have a good time. But throughout the week, as they got more comfortable with their small group, worship, and the sermons each night, the Lord continued to show up and meet them where they were. And on Wednesday night, they felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting and gave their life to Jesus for the first time!

Friends, here is the thing about these camps, if only one student comes to faith every year, that’s more than enough reason to continue planning our houseboats trip. But God and his mercy showed up abundantly on our trip, as eight (8) other students gave their lives to Christ for the first time.

To God be the glory!

Pastor Sekwohn


Enjoy our photo gallery of fun pics from this awesome week!


Enjoy a fun video that captures the week at Houseboats!